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Earn extra cash and GP gourmet points by clearing up your trash and trashes on other restaurants. One level 10 recipe is better will always give you 2. You can distract the extra customers with arcade machines! This game took place in a fictional town called Littlehaven.

In The Sims Social, players create their own 'Sim', or character, which they can customize. Restaurant City was retired on June 29, Players can also send gifts and do a crafting challenge to make an item. Later, the premium currency was changed into individual cash types for each game.

Once those ingredients you badly needed was vended, buy enough already to max out the level of your recipe.


Focus first on leveling up your recipes focus first one recipe from Starter, Main, Deserts and Drink. It is highly recommendable to have an arcade rather than toilets. So go around to your friends' place and shake their trees too. It was announced on April 15, that the game would be retired on June 14,however it was retired on 17 June instead.

Simply click the "Redecorate" or "Street View" button, then return to your restaurant. They will play and then leave the restaurant without decreasing your popularity points. It was announced on April 15, that the game would be retired on June 14,however it was retired on June 17, instead.

Apart from the arcade machine, sinks and toilets, the other decoration items are currently not interactive so spend your money wisely on items that you need.

Or are they ignoring the dirty toilets? On other tip's reference, arcade machine is the solution for reaching 50 Popularity.

They can then interact with the Sims of their friends, decorate their home, advance their Sim in their dream job and develop romantic relationships. When you let them both level up, you can exchange gift items and test more effective set up for your restaurants.

Players create a team out of current real-life NFL players and compete in 3 different types of games: You can shake trees found around the restaurants for money by clicking on them. Saving Money against Decorating your restaurant.

Gaining "paw points" allows players to eventually level up to Level Besides, it is easier to gain money and decorate your restaurant once you levelling up so fast because of your max out recipes.