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Learn To Fly 5


The great adventures of penguins are back in Learn To Fly 5 - the most recent edition of the popular adventure game. Now your mission is to become the commander of Penguin NASA and make penguins fly towards the moon. Of course, the primary mission to is build a stong rocket to reach space. Everything will start with a poor tools but you have to make money to buy really good parts and make a rocket. Every day you are making a try and according to the distance and fly time you are given money. The aim of the player is to spend those money wisely and buy parts for rocket that are really needed. Remember that your rocket has 4 different parts and upgrading them is the main goal of the game. Also remember that the air above you is not clear. To not to hit any object including birds or airplanes.  Learn To FLy 5 uses new physics and new graphics that you will enjoy. Also keep in mind that in order to complete the game you will need a few hours. The gaming progress is automatically saved at our website so you can continue playing it later from the last checkpoint. Play the full version of Learn To Fly 5 and share your thoughts about it below.