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Many have gone on to well-known colleges and universities across the nation. How is public school at home the same as a traditional school? The schools use the K12 program and curriculum, These full-time public schools combine the best of online education with a traditional setting.

Each student has a Learning Coachtypically the student's parent or guardian.

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Students study at home, but may be eligible to participate in local district-sponsored sports and extracurricular activities. Blended schools, offered in select states, are a little different than attending public school at home.

Literal characters in format must match literally in str. The Learning Coach helps keep the student on track with their school work. Kpowered online public schools offer a personalized, high-quality education with instruction from state-certified teachers to help children reach their potential.

Who should consider online education?

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The range of the result is constrained to that of the TIME data type. Select your state for a list of the options available for your family and visit their How to Enroll page to learn more. Some students move more quickly than their peers.

Advanced learners looking for an academic challenge College-bound students interested in getting a head start on their college education Career-minded students wanting to explore in-demand careers Military family students who are seeking consistency in their education despite frequent moves Athletes, musicians, and others who are pursuing their dreams while in school Students who are homebound or undergoing medical treatments and want to continue with their public school education Students needing more support academically Students whose parents want to be more involved in their child's schooling How Do I Get Started?

Students benefit from a rigorous curriculum, and graduates receive a high school diploma. Others need extra attention. K12 uses digital technology to provide a rigorous, interactive curriculum and high-quality educational experiences that give students an opportunity to succeed.

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There are many types of students who thrive with public school at home: To convert a year-week to a date, you should also specify the weekday: Students also prepare for industry-recognized certification exams in high-demand fields such as Information Technology, Health Science, and more.

However, not every student succeeds in a traditional school setting. Destinations Career Academies and Destinations Career Programs give students an education that prepares them to be career-ready and college-ready.

Rich courses and extracurricular experiences provide relevant opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of real-world applications. Within a stored function or trigger, NOW returns the time at which the function or triggering statement began to execute.

Do online students have access to teachers and materials? Who Attends Online Public Schools?

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It takes a string str and a format string format. K12 also provides district-run programs with the online school learning platform and various levels of support.

Students who attend a Kpowered public school at home can expect: Online public schools powered by K12 are currently available in most states in the U. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided.

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Format specifiers in format must match a date or time part in str. Returns a date, given year and day-of-year values. Support programs, resources, and experienced teachers and counselors engage and empower students.

Extra characters at the end of str are ignored.

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The number of in-person learning days vary by blended school. Each school offers multiple opportunities to connect through online clubs, local school activities, and more. Our students are excited to learn.