अगरबत्ती बनाना | Agarbatti Making Business. अगरबत्ती बनाना | Agarbatti Making Business.

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If you have good budget then you can import bamboo sticks from China.

Semi-Automatic machines are slightly less efficient as compared to the fully automatic ones on the basis of labor requirement and production capacity but are less expensive and might require less maintenance. Anand Ashiya with an aim to provide every Indian household with high-quality incense sticks at affordable prices.

Scented agarbatti has more profit and in north India it is around Rs20 — Rs25 per Kg.

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These are the top 10 incense stick brands in India in The company has 12 manufacturing units spread across the country pazeli online dating an area of 2,50, square feet. It has also contributed to the women empowerment program by training over women of rural background into the process of making agar, Battis.

Profit margin in raw agarbatti is around Rs10 per Kg. One staff can make 15kg of agarbatti in one day manually without machine, and the same staff will produce Kg per day with the help of automatic machine.

It produces a soothing effect and claims to cleanse the aura because of the various herbs that are used in the manufacturing of the products.

Agarbatti Making Business – Introduction

The manual agarbatti manufacturing unit is labor intensive with low production capacity and lowest maintenance cost, ideal for start-ups or trial plans. We are supported by robust manufacturing unit, which is installed with technically advanced machines and all the required facilities.

His products had also got famous in the adjoining states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and as far as Tamil Nadu. Besides, we offer different shipment facilities through cargo and road.

Nandi Incense Sticks The Nandi Incense sticks company is situated in the city of Bangalore along with its 6 manufacturing units spread over 50, square feet.


Complete cost of importing one container of bamboo sticks from china is around 20lakh rupees and it takes 40 days to reach India. Rao', we have been able to achieve desired results easily. So, basically there are three sub-category in this business: The headquarters of Patanjali is located in the industrial area of Haridwar.

It was established in the year by three partners who desired to take down the biggest incense stick manufacturers in the country operating at that time. For the convenience of our clients, we provide them with after-sales support like user manual.

For example, if you have sourced a huge demand and obtained lavish order then you definitely need to go for a High Speed Automatic Agarbatti Manufacturing machine instead of a manual one that has a production capacity of less than half of the former. One container contains 25 tons of bamboo sticks.


Agarbattis have huge potential as a manufacturing business because its demand is at all time high and go even higher during festivals. It also looks after the women empowerment program in the country has a strong team of persons of which are underprivileged female.

The company was in the limelight for some time for being the brand in the product category. In the long run these machines might have to be replaced because the very core purpose of any business is growth and increasing production and turnover.

Agarbatti Making Machine

The very first step in any business will be to conceive the idea and what I mean by conceiving the idea is to form the whole virtual picture in your mind before even you start to speak about it. It has various manufacturing centers and 5 manufacturing units with over 14, people earning their livelihood from this source.

Moksh Agarbattis Moksh Agarbatti is the second most famous agarbatti brand in India which has its headquarters in Bangalore. Hence, before zeroing on with a manual machine we need to go deep into our long term vision and business mission.

Our professionals process these sticks as per traditional and innovative ways.


Now, that you have done your homework well and know for sure the raw materials, machineries, space, manpower, demand for your Agarbatti is going to be. The company has its office in Mysore. It assembled more than 25 Women Groups, trained them and helped them get an income by manufacturing hand rolled incense sticks from their houses.

Also, Bamboo sticks sells like crazy and you do not need to worry about the market. TataF Agarbatti The TataF company is comparatively new in this field of business with only seventeen years of a foothold.

Agarbatti Making Machines in Bengaluru

Its manufacturing unit is over 2 lac square feet with 4 factories and 19 company owned distributors. Selling price of bamboo sticks in Indian market is Rs — Rs per Kg.

The founder used to sell his products in a very common tool available to him, his bicycle. Cycle Pure Agarbatti Topping our list of 10 best incense stick manufacturers in the country, the company has a leading control over the market is Cycle Pure Agarbatti.