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Coming to the show that night I almost got patted down by security, both before and after I went outside to eat the chocolate chip cookie I had brought along with me.

Of course the potential downside to all this togetherness on the road is if there are disputes….

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Wavves is everything I love about rock and punk all rolled up into with a generous sprinkling of killer stoner-riffs and shit-tons of attitude. I knew you were gonna say that. People say dumb shit on the internet and to your face, but people are always going to say dumb shit.

The two met at the age of 17, spent a summer together, went their separate ways and then got back together. In the perpetually bouncing, skating, blunt-smoking, laughing, crowd surfing, reverbed world of Best Coast and Wavves, over-thinkers, self.

But not as hard as normal, yeah. I just have a couple more glasses of whiskey than she does before we watch Jersey Shore. I think even before people knew we were dating, they were still comparing us. It's a solid spin for the most part, and has in some ways rehabilitated the enfant-terrible rep Williams has acquired over the years.

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When I thought coke was cool. These two bands, along with Spin and MtvU, have set up a stop tour in order to help us get through a long and grey winter. The whole experience was just right from where we stood, all up in the front.

Best Coast has a limited subject range in their music however. I guess we were.

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Mine will be the better one, and I get Snacks. And their music compliments each other as well. I know you guys best bank for college students yahoo dating that there is no professional competition here.

Way too many pills and weed paraphernalia. So were you guys in touch during that time? By themselves Bethany and Nathan are good, but with the help of their love, what they create is amazing. Now that the two rockers are living in rock-bliss, what kind of record will we get?

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I know the real Nathan Williams. Even her cat, Snacks, who appears in lyrics and on the cover art for Crazy, has become a hot topic for fixated Best Coast fans. A healthy dose of that chillwave California-feel is just what we all needed.

Who feeds him, who he really loves…. It seemed to me that nobody cared that the only songs we could all sing along with happened to be the famous ones. Usually I completely ignore sticky-sweet indie rock like this, but Californians Best Coast is a little different.

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We have some similarities, but we play totally different kind of music. And… has it changed you?

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Or at least we talked all the time, I always talked to him wherever he was on tour. Bald people from meeting in fling dating site first. As of this writing, "Snacksthecat" has over 5, Twitter followers. And there is new merch, as we can see.

But like Cosentino, Williams has an undeniable talent for simplified songcraft, and last year's King Of The Beach proved as much to those who'd written him off as a mere lo-fi curiosity. A worthy lesson on a Monday. On the topic of that network, and since people have been talking about it, what do you think of Skins?

If you have a heart and love rock and want to relive young stupid, incredibly destructive love, then I strongly urge you to check out the stoner-rock-punk shenanigans of Waaves and the echo-y, lovelorn sounds of Best Coast.

Wavves and Best Coast to Tour Together

I got to hangout with a great gang of BYT interns, run into a friend who came up all the way from Richmond just for the show, and pay way too much for some completely delicious shooters. One thing this band always succeeds in doing is playing my favorite songs and therefore making me dance around like an ecstatic fool.

Consulting in your search for true love and happiness to our families and closest friends and i hope that you would be immersed in the dark with. Eventually, the pair worked with producer Lewis Pesacov to give Crazy For You a hazy, sun-bleached quality.

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So in between the time you were first seeing each other and when you got back together, were you in touch? It's pretty cool, because I love him. Did it take some persuading? It's as if King Of The Beach insists you take Wavves seriously even if he doesn't feel compelled to do the same.

Did you have to pay a fine? I actually moved my stuff in like a year ago. They complement each other in ways that only a man and woman in love could.

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She and him together with a photographer. So did you have another LA house before that, or were you in San Diego? They played each song with a lot of energy, while still maintaining their absent-minded stoner personas.

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