Venezuela calls for Facebook boycott to thwart ‘gringo spies’ | The Times Venezuela calls for Facebook boycott to thwart ‘gringo spies’ | The Times

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Yesterday I was unable to loggin to my account stating that I used "a false identity.

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His immature selfish whats-in-it-for-me practices starting with ripping off the Winklevii then trampling personal and privacy rights of his zucker users to position himself for riches no matter whom he hurts are despicable, and are indicative of much worse to come, which is just one reason he must be stopped.

Monstrosities like Zuckerberg sitting testifying before senators he has the money to buy will go poof. In case you still don't get it, Facebook is the first major free Internet service that forces everybody to unambiguously supply their real identity, no fake IDs or aliases like in the good ole days of freedom: These bastards have stolen my pictures, my data and my friends from me.

I use a nickname and a birthyear that is a year off because I don't want my identity stolen.

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Facebook is a well-funded project, and the people behind the funding, a group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists, have a clearly thought out ideology that they are hoping to spread around the world. Why do they go for summary deletion of accounts? Boycott facebook nsa hookups really think there should be class action lawsuit started to recover all the data, especially from the business pages.

Remember Emperor Caligula in that movie?

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A few days ago, I could not log in and they have a page up demanding that I produce documentation of my identity. Facebook is the new Dictator in our Century.

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Besides threatening me by getting into my personal page and private messaging, one of them opened a fake account using my name and copied some of my public posts, then threatened one of the others or their own account for effect which put me in a bad light.

Thiel is also on the board of advisers of something called the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. It will end up like that Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20, Feet": On July 3, they finally let out a news release about how nobody should "worry" when this is done to them, giving procedures for reinstating your account.

And when they identify you, they really identify you, because you have to give them you real ID just to join. And when it says forehead it means forehead.

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If you're still on Facebook you're a zucker! Well, believe it or not and check out their websitethis is the venture-capital wing of the CIA. So, they sold your soul to Mammon, and you are the Devil's slave, and Zuckerberg is his son.

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Computer experts protest NSA deal, boycott largest US security conference Computer experts protest NSA deal, boycott largest US security conference Reuters, 17 January Share on Facebook Tweet Share Share Email Reddit Comment Several prominent computer security experts have cancelled appearances at the largest annual conference on security technology and are now lending their names to a rival gathering as discord in the industry over U.

I have 7 years of memories on my page and I have lost all my photos due to them doing this!

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Clearly FB didn't have a problem with my name when accepting the money. He is a futurist philosopher and neocon activist.


And he does not apologise for this hyper-competitveness, saying: First, I got a false message that someone reported my Facebook account doesn't belong to me after this message my account has been disabled. Both of them dropped out without learning anything, but forever used the name for their marketing cachet, you are pitched the H-word in their every intro, it works in the blink of an eye.

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Not someone I want to help get any richer. While a student at Stanford, Thiel founded a rightwing journal, still up and running, called The Stanford Review - motto: I want to start a lawsuit against them i did not know they could disable accounts until this happened and ive been reading stories worse than mine!!!!

The news of the Goldman Sachs investment might raise the specter of international bankers finally getting their hands on your private data too. Why the hell did this happen? How I've been treated there is unbelievable.

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And what is VK? I told Facebook about it several times, changed my settings and still no change.

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It simply mediates in relationships that were happening anyway.