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Is that why none of the cities were taken?

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Chu Ah was taken aback but he regained his calm after a while. Yang Tian nodded and gave his id to Chu Ah. He then attempts to smite her but it doesn't work, causing Meg laugh at him. He couldn't help but be suspicious. He had his eyes on the devilish qi for a long time but if tried to take by force, it would reject him and he'd get nothing.

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But you have never heard of the Dark Society? He didn't expect that Yang Tian's position was so high.

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As he was about to turn off his phone, Yang Tian continued: The other person was taken aback, wasn't this information very important. His devilish qi has been completely expelled and his wounds are recovering.

The person Yang Tian was calling was the director of this police department. Castiel and Meg meet face-to-face for the first time after he is trapped in the ring of holy fire by Luciferwho asks Meg to watch him. After the Sect Leader finished, his face was solemn: It's fine that you don't know me.

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With Castiel trapped, Meg proceeds to taunt him about how they are winning. The darkly dressed man seemingly understood what the other person thought and responded: At this moment, Yang Tian very far away.

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Yang Tian ignored this and tell his server to start attacking. August 11, Chu Ah was having dinner with his family before he got a call. Their first meeting, though full of sexual banter, is resolved by Castiel pushing Meg into a line of holy fire.

He didn't know if they had lost another city or not.

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It seemed that his current mission had something to do with Liu Li. Sending the other two policemen away, Chu Ah asked quietly: Chu Ah shook his head: The server war was heating up and he had been busy all day.

So what if Bei Jiang was upgraded to a municipality, what has that got to do with him? The card had special markings in the corner to prove it's authenticity.

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It must have reached unimaginable heights. Yang Tian saw that it was getting late, he called Mu Wu Han to assure her then stopped by the road for some food. He needed to keep an eye on her. After who knows how long, someone rushed into the interrogation room and Yang Tian snapped back to reality.

If not don't blame me for being evil.

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He really disliked being called during mealtime. Their trust and camaraderie in later episodes is unmistakable, and a shared kiss in their second episode together cemented the foundation for this popular pairing.

Another person was kneeling on the ground and had a respectful tone: I'm sure a lot of people would want to know this information.

The policeman shook his head: Chu Ah was taken aback, was this that Yang Tian that he was asked to take care of? After the mission is finished, Dean teases Castiel, asking if he wants more time with Meg, but Castiel says no and is confused as why he would want to spend more time with Meg.

Yang Tian heard the phone cut off and felt perplexed. Could Su Li 1 have given him a wrong number?


The members of Dark Scoiety rarely appear but when they do, they were usually executing some secret mission. Although a long time had passes, the lowest cultivation amongst these women were at least late Nascent Soul.

As she pulls away, Castiel pushes her against the wall and kisses her again. The other person looked subservient to Yang Tian: