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Its not hard to believe in nothing it's just not right for me. However, what sets this book apart from other education books is the personal approach the author used in painting the picture of education.

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Indeed, the harsh truth of growing up somehow separates us from the sensitive world of children. I am a fun guy woman 21 y.


I love god, family and country. But why ultimate trust in teachers plays such an important role in education? Many believes that this achievement is due to Finnish trust in teachers.

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I have never regretted my decision to read this beautiful story. His account is written with pain and care, and he reminds us that our education system have been stereotyping students since they are too young to unleash fully their uniqueness and talents to the world.

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We may never pass this way again And in a whim, I bought the book. I know how to respect people and aslo treat them right, only if you respect me and treat me right.

Chagrin d'école

Ive never heard anyone say they like to be somber and depressed and even more, I love to hear my partner laugh! With this in mind, the book is a gift to bring us not only to our own childhood, but also closer to the fragile worlds of our little brother, little sister, and little child to somehow understand their rebellion in growing up.

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You have to work out whet It is, to me, a privilege to read it. After going through the pages of Daniel Pennac, it becomes easier for me to understand the success of Finnish education.

But why should the all-day-busy person like you needs to find time to read this? The whim never lets me down.

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Pennac is clearly not afraid to pull every string of his painful childhood memories to describe what transformed him from a terribly desperate pupil to a respectable educator and writer.

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