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Spoilers It's Antique Tool Time as Tim and Al look at some tools of yester-year, like a pedal-powered lathe, a rope making machine,a hog oiler, and a sausage stuffer, which Tim puts to good use to demonstrate an old family recipe on making sausage.

On the flip side, Wilson mentions how he himself flirts with the librarian to get his favorite book. I actually found myself rooting for Jill at the interview scene, and I felt for her right up to the part where she tells Tim she hopes he's learned "his" lesson from all this.

Typical Jill, always finding a way of turning everything around to look like it's Tim's fault. After that, Jill goes for a job interview, and it seemed to go alright. He tries in vain to flirt with the female office, but she has none of it and instead administers a sobriety test.

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Kirsty was sure to show off her envy-inducing physique, as well as her impressively bronzed glow, in the colourful yellow bikini She's got front! Jill immediately points out how the lady flirted with Tim to get him to buy her crap, but naturally he didn't notice.

Next day, Jill dresses like a flirting quotes tagalog tumblr jokes to quell any possibilities of flirting at that second interview.

Tim overhears their conversation as Jill asks the cop to give her that speeding ticket, and he declines. ExplorerDS 10 December Warning: Thinking that her perspective boss is into that type, Jill vainly hikes up her skirt, unbuttons her shirt and whips her hair around The brunette beauty recently hit headlines following rumours of her dalliance with X Factor victor Myles Stephenson, 26, during the official Soccer Aid after-party in June Shock: So as she and Patty drive home, talking about the future career of Dr.

He assures her that he isn't the type who hires based on flirting, but by qualifications, and as a result, Jill cute flirting scene the job! But was it the product or the seller he was in cute flirting scene And after that big to-do with Tim and the saleslady flirting with him, it sure made Jill look like a hypocrite.

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Matthews' office as he finishes with another applicant, who clearly flirts with him. She sits patiently in Dr. In an interview with Lisa Snowdon's website You Glow Girl, the stunning TV personality revealed her top tips for maintaining her beauty, saying: Falling back in the slow-motion clip, the former Strictly Come Dancing star, 42, nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she threatened to spill out of her tiny yellow bikini Tanned to perfection: As she attempted to embark on a back-flip, her busty cleavage very nearly popped out of her plunging bikini top as she hit the waters 'We both chickened out of the back flip then': He tells her it's a normal occurrence, due to women being at a disadvantage in today's society and they often resort to such tactics to level the playing field.

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That face Tim makes at the officer toward the end is priceless! She really sells herself to Matthews Starr graciously decides to let her off. Well, this certainly wouldn't be the first time. The guy in me found Pat Richardson to be really cute in her "flirting" scene, as well as at the office when she tries to dress down to impress the doctor.

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Was this review helpful? After all, she's a shoe-in, what with her 19 years' experience with abnormal behavior.

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I found this episode to be better than I remembered it. Out of left field or not, that statement will come to pass in the next scene where Tim is pulled over for speeding.

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Sign in to vote. Later that night, Officer Starr comes by the Taylor house, having accidentally walked off with Jill's license.

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Jill Taylor, they suddenly see flashing lights behind them accompanied by the wail of a siren. Kirsty Gallacher threatens to spill out of her tiny yellow bikini. Jill pulls over and Officer Mike Starr asks for her license and registration.

Kirsty appeared to be unaware of the possible mishap The presenter was said to be flirting with the hunk, who won the last series of the talent competition as part of boy band RAK-SU, with further sources reporting there was 'obvious chemistry between them.

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At home, the Taylors receive a visit from a beautiful blonde woman Brad's dream come trueexcept there's a catch: Speaking of their night in more detail, it was continued: She hopes Tim learned a lesson from all this.

Share this article Share Kirsty appeared to be unaware of the possible mishap as she captioned the clip: Moving on from the ban, the host revealed that booze is all but a distant memory from her dietary menu, as she now enjoys consumes 'tons of water' and very little else Share or comment on this article: When Tim hears her explanation for what transpired, he finds it laughable, but Jill still feels guilty, so she goes out to talk to Wilson, and it seems that Liquid Wonder woman got to him as well.

The mother-of-two had consumed so much booze on a night out that she was three times the legal limit at 11am the next day when she went to meet her two sons in Berkshire.

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Last autumn, she re-emerged on the London social circuit, weeks after she was banned from driving for two years following a shocking drink-driving conviction Last autumn, she re-emerged on the London social circuit, weeks after she was banned from driving for two years following a shocking drink-driving conviction.

After a short spiel, Tim is practically sold. As the girls continue on their way, Patty calls out Jill for flirting with the copper, and though she denies it at first, she quickly realizes she was guilty as charged. He even adds some antacids as a precautionary measure.

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Well, man and woman alike should enjoy the episode, because, let's face it, we've all been there. You're the one who flirted your way out of a ticket. She makes an impassioned plea to be let off with a warning, subconsciously flipping her hair over her ear in an unintentionally flirtatious manner, swearing she'll never, ever, ever in a million, billion years ever speed again.