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Yoshiteru Miki the lock in the spin Web forest is one of several works Akira Kurosawasin which he transfers and in historical Japan settles material from William Shakespeares pieces. Act Four stillborn and in dire need of help with the impending battle with his foes, he returns to the forest to summon the spirit.

She succeeds in persuading it and Washizu murders the prince, pushes the act for alleged traitors into the shoes and takes over the rule over the lock.

Creepy movie along the lines of afterschool special, "Don't Touch"by Anonymousreply 3. For his treachery they turn on their master and begin firing arrows at him, also to appease Miki's best japanese dating games and Noriyasu.

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Lucy was offered the role of Amelia but she turned it down on the advice of Gary. The next morning, Washizu is awakened by the screams of attendants. I didn't remember the ending but I saw it. Damn, an orangutang has nothing on the puss of Missy Francis.

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It is revealed that the attacking force is using trees cut down during the previous night to disguise and protect themselves in their advance on the castle. I sort of remember Amelia being a bit of a teenage minx. She then yells "murder" through the courtyard, and Washizu slays the guard before he has a chance to plead his innocence.

It was completely disturbing that the father got off so to speak completely free. With dateclub salvation film like this I would question the director and producers.

I'm sure none did. I feel you, OP. We're all thinking you're a hugely overwrought Mary with a victim fetish and a wild imagination. The movie is on youtube btwby Anonymousreply 3.

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At least when a kid is molested by a stranger they can go home and be comforted by their parent. It was creepy but it didn't traumatize me because the molester went to jail. Mikis son can escape and allies themselves with the son of the old prince. Anyone remember this horrendous tv movie from 1.

And those Amelia Bedelia books were awesome. A New Beginning but I felt compelled to read all of the Melissa's autobiographies, as well as Alison Arngrim's also an incest victim. Act Three During the banquet Washizu drinks sake copiously because he is clearly agitated, and at the sudden appearance of Miki's ghost, begins losing control.

Washizu believes this is impossible and is confident of his victory.

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Washizu finally succumbs when one of the arrows leaves a mortal wound just as his enemies approach the castle gates. Washizu plans to tell Miki and his son about his decision at a grand banquet, but Asaji tells him that she is pregnant, which leaves him with a quandary concerning his heir, as now Miki and his son have to be eliminated.

Was in love with the name "Amelia" due to the Amelia Bedelia books but this ruined it for me. Act Five As Washizu tries to get his troops to attack, they remain still. Wasn't this the first mainstream TV movie to focus on the subject of child molestation and rape?

I remember that at the end the father apologizes to the daughter in tears, and then a disclaimer came up saying that the therapy depicted in the film was "controversial. Washizu knows he must kill all his enemies, so he tells his troops of the last prophecy, and they share his confidence.

Distracted by the sound of his troops moving outside the room, he investigates and is told by a panicked soldier that the trees of Spider's Web forest "have risen to attack us.

Of the child is afraid that if they tell they'll be put in foster care, and that foster families will be worse than the one they have now. It got a lot of critical praise. We get that, hon. Explore interactive visualizations about the cast, ratings, awards, and more. There may be threats to beloved persons or animals.

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Once it will follow the prince - a child Mikis becomes it however beerben. Obviously, that guilt isn't based on truth, but to a kid in that situation, it is. So, yeah, this was an extremely destructive message to broadcast and it wouldn't be too far- fetched to assume there were dad- raped kids that ended up being scapegoated by their families and killing themselves.

Of course it would have "a pat" ending. Uncover detailed information about Something About Amelia I just read Melissa Francis' autobiography. I wonder how many molested kids killed themselves after seeing this movie. I remember that Don't Touch afterschool special.

He thought playing a character who was getting finger banged by her dad might hurt her image. Where's the Hayes Act when you need it?

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She then foretells that Washizu will eventually become Lord of Spider's Web Castle, and finally she tells Miki that his son will also become lord of the castle. I remember that movie and I've never forgotten it.

When the two return to Tsuzuki's estate, he rewards them with exactly what the spirit had predicted. That's what society wanted, the fantasy that all families can be repaired and put back together with counseling. Striding into his wife's quarters, he finds Asaji in a semi-catatonic state, trying to wash clean the imaginary foul stench of blood from her hands, obviously distraught at her grave misdeeds.

WAS creepy and gross. Breathe OP, just Breathe! When its armies zumarschieren on the lock, Washizu does not visit again the spirit, which prophesies Unbesiegbarkeit to him, so long the forest to to the lock rich.

I was a teenager when I saw it and I've always been horrified by the ending. I always admired him for that. There was a scene in Amelia where a therapist tells Glenn Close's character that she should try being more affectionate towards her husband.

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Something About Amelia User Score. There's the fear of scandal, which can be terrifying to a child already on the edge. Ted Danson molests his daughter but instead of going to jail he has to go into therapy because it would be wrong to break up a family.

Something About Amelia Dvd I wonder how many molested kids killed themselves after seeing this movie. Walking and Talking