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The Consignor s acknowledges and grants permission for RMS and its employees and agents to drive or move the motor car s or any other lot s from time to time before, during, or after the sale.

Notwithstanding the preceding sentences, if RMS has paid any portion of the purchase price to the Consignor sbut the purchase price has not been collected from the Buyer s of the motor car s or any other lot sthe Consignor s hereby agrees, simultaneously with such payment, to assign to RMS any and all rights that the Consignor s may have against such Buyer s to the extent of such payment, whether at law, in equity, or under the Contractual Obligations.

If for whatever reason RMS is forced to correct any Title s defect sthe Consignor s agrees to pay for any and all reasonable expenses. Use the search function to find it.

RMS agrees to receive the motor car s or any other lot s in trust and not to permit their use for any other purposes, other than those contained in this agreement, without the expressed written consent of the Consignor s.

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If the motor car s or any other lot s are sold by RMS during the term of this agreement, the money due to the Consignor s shall be disbursed within twenty 20 business days after the sale provided the purchase price, applicable commissions, and fees have been received by RMS, in accordance with the de tras del rumor online dating of this agreement.

The marketing fee is non-refundable and is not credited toward the sales commission. Searchable every 10 seconds Auction end time: Participation from subordinates can be started.

All photographs, videography, and illustrations commissioned by RMS for the motor car s or any other lot s are the absolute property of RMS and RMS shall have the absolute right to use the photographs, videography, and illustrations as RMS deems fit.

The reserve s do not include commissions to RMS.

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The goods that you registered as an auction may be printed on the bid page. This agreement is an important legal document. Auction House Scotland took all the worry out of it for us.

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The sale was handled in a totally professional manner. Nexon stars and some recently released weapons are excluded from auction. No Legal or Tax Advice.

The reserve s may be lowered at any time by the Consignor seither verbally or in writing, but they may not be raised. The Consignor s will be responsible for maintaining adequate property insurance on the motor ciphertext online dating s or any other lot s at all times, and this insurance must be at least equal to the aggregate low pre-sale auction estimate for the motor car s or any other lot swhich in each case shall include insurance for damages to the motor car s or any other lot s and shall not be cancellable by the insurance company until after ownership and Title s have passed to the Buyer s and the Buyer s have taken possession of the motor car s or any other lot s from RMS.

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When registering for sale, you can easily check actual receipt amount with "actual receipt" item. RDC Gold cannot be bought directly, and instead must be won through bidding.

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So much so that I will use you again to sell my other properties. Property Price Related None You can check the current auction price when you register your item.

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RMS makes no representation or warranty of the anticipated selling price of the motor car s or any other lot sand no estimate anywhere by RMS of the selling price of the motor car s or any other lot s may be relied upon as a prediction of the actual selling price.

Never put the bidding price over M for normal weapons since nobody will buy it. If already settled, the Consignor s must pay RMS directly. Never sell too expensive because it's not going to sell.

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RMS agrees to act as an agent for the Consignor s and provide auction services including, but not limited to, a sale facility, clerks, support staff, event advertising, and promotion.

In any other case, such jurisdiction shall be exclusive, and the Buyer s and Consignor s agree that it will not institute proceedings in the courts of the country other than England and Wales. Estimates included in catalogues, online, pre-mailers, any advertisements, or elsewhere are preliminary only, and they are subject to revision by RMS from time to time at its sole discretion.

RMS has the right to sell the motor car s or any other lot s at a price below the agreed verbal or written reserve s provided that the Consignor s receives the same net proceeds as the Consignor s would have received had the reserve s been met.

I would definitely recommend Auction House Scotland to a friend.

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I have already recommended Auction House to friends and family. I was completely surprised by the result but very happy. In connection with the auction, RMS will have absolute discretion with regard to the motor car s and any other lot s or any RMS auction as to a consulting any expert either before or after the sale, b researching the provenance, c grouping and providing catalogue and other descriptions as may be appropriate, d marketing and promotion of the sale, and e any other services required to conduct the sale.

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If you have a property to sell I do recommend giving Auction House Scotland a call. In the event of non-payment by the Buyer sRMS will endeavor to use reasonable efforts to enforce payment from the Buyer s ; however, RMS shall not be liable to the Consignor s for payment.

Selling by auction encourages people to come and see your property and I had three seriously interested buyers. The Consignor s warrants that the Consignor s is the sole and only owner of the motor car s and that the Consignor s has full right and authority to sell the motor car s. In order to facilitate and transfer the Title s for the motor car sthe Consignor s agrees to sign a Power of Attorney attached in this Consignment Agreement package.

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In the case of a dispute which is the subject of a claim by RMS, such jurisdiction shall be non-exclusive. The Consignor s agrees to provide a duly executed odometer statement on or before the first day of the auction and to accept sole responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of such statement.

The Consignor s acknowledges that the Consignor s has had the opportunity to consult an attorney before signing this agreement and has signed this agreement after having the opportunity to consult with an attorney of their own choosing.

We had no success using the usual market method so decided to try Auction House Scotland. At the very least they will give you expert, trustworthy advice that will make a difficult decision-making process far less stressful. We had never sold anything at an auction before, let alone a house.

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The Consignor s acknowledges that RMS will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the catalogue or other descriptions of the motor car s or any other lot sand these descriptions make no guarantees, representations, or warranties whatsoever to the Consignor s with respect to the motor car s or any other lot stheir attribution, legal title, condition, value, or other characteristics.

This document contains the entire agreement between the parties and shall be binding upon them and their respective heirs, personal representatives, and assigns.

Estimates and Catalogue Descriptions. If the auction item is not sold, the item will be returned. Mandi kept me informed throughout the process.

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Auction items can be purchased at immediate purchase price. Tips Before selling your weapons, click on the trend price button and search for a similar weapon in the auction list to see the current bidding and direct buy prices of the weapon. Non-Payment by Buyer s.