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Lady and the Tramp during their famous spaghetti-sharing scene.

Mouse Mingle Is a Dating Website Exclusively for Disney Fans

August 1, Joe Raedle, Getty Images People visit Disneyland and Disney World to ride their favorite attractions—not to spend all day waiting in line. When Disney fans say "love," they really mean it and not just in a "I found prince charming and we'll get married now and live happily ever after" kind of way, but the "I wear Mickey Mouse pajamas and jolasak online dating ears to sleep and 'Once Upon a Dream' is my lullaby" type of love.

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Snow White, Robin Hood and Pluto. Other users display drawings of characters or pictures with merchandise. But the site is just the latest in a long line of niche dating sites, including those dedicated to Doctor Who fans, and plenty matching individuals according to religion, vegetarianism or, um, farming.

The app offers games specific to four rides: It may sound goofy but it's no joke that a dating site like it exists and you don't have to take our word for it either because you can check it out for yourself.

But due to the immense popularity of Disney parks, it's common for the wait times of certain rides to exceed the length of the rides themselves. You can also use the app to access Disney-themed music playlists and trivia games: Share via Email This article is over 2 years old One of the best Disney couples?

While waiting to ride Space Mountain, guests can undergo training missions on their phones, and in the waiting area for Toy Story Mania! It's totally understandable that Disney lovers would want their own dating site because opposites may attract, but the intensity and depth of Disney love that bonds two people together is more powerful and lasting.

MouseMingle is a dating site for Disney lovers

All the games are multiplayer, so families can actually interact with each other while passing the time. The Mouse Mingle logo. Mouse Mingle Despite a resounding lack of LGBT Disney characters, with the possible exception of Ursula from the Little Mermaidyou can also set your preference for someone of the same sex.

Playing games is one way to deal with long lines; another way is to hack the system to make your wait time as short as possible.

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Mouse Mingle The brainchild of Disney devotee Dave Tavres, Mouse Mingle allows people to post their pictures and information, rate users, and answer Disney-related questions, as well as share their favourite Disney moments. Members state their favourite Disney films, songs, characters, heroes and heroines, princes and princesses in their profiles.

The app can entertain you in other ways. Characters like R2-D2 are hidden throughout the digital park map, and using the app unlocks new areas.

The site works on a freemium model.

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If you can't avoid queuing up, you can at least make the wait a little more enjoyable with a new app from Disney. Here are some tips and tricks to use on your next Disney vacation.

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Mouse Mingle users choose their favourite Disney songs. They probably never fight over what to watch on the television; never have arguments about putting the toilet seat down; never end up screaming at each other in the supermarket.

It's not a local range either because the site is open to all Disney fans all over the world.

Not in line for a ride with a tailored gaming experience? With the introduction of Mouse Mingle— a dating website for Disney fans— the opportunity exists to finally find a partner who might be the Belle to your Beast.

Riding new attractions earns you special badges, which can act as a virtual scrapbook of your trip.

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Hold on a minute before you click "Join Now" because we're not just talking about loving Disney characters, cartoons and products. So if, as a Disney fan, you're worried about your "Arabian Days and Arabian nights" like romantic prospects, "you must be swift as a coursing river" to find your match and, who knows Dave Tavres, the person responsible for MouseMingle.

But we do," the site explains.