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Don t flirt u-kiss dongho, 유키스 (u-kiss)

I had to listen to it several times to be able to remember the melody of it.

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A lot of the speculation about the dance suggests that U-KISS will have to come up with a cleaner version to be able to perform it on TV. Lots of eye-candy in this video, male and female alike!

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The lyrics talk about a girl who is a flirt. They should have let each member do what they were comfortable with.

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Each member has their own female dancer to up the sex appeal, and there are a lot of butts. After youngest member Dongho left the group for a normal life, U-KISS held auditions for a new member, where they found Jun, who was officially announced as a new member May 15th.

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Nothing suggestive about these poses, nope.

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Some of the members, like Eli, seem to have taken to it rather well, even filming bed scenes. It kind of seems like they were just inserting random sexy scenes for sex appeal and nothing else.

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Don't Flirt

It is easy for you to download mp3 files only for fact-finding use then rapidly delete them when no longer needed. On the whole, I was a bit disappointed by this comeback. Up-and-coming artists really only have the chance to thrive and gain an extensive fan base using a service including ZippyAudio.

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This only temporary, as he was too busy finishing up his semester at Columbia University to prepare for a comeback as well. U-KISS, a group that was one of my first favorites, is back with a new single and a new lineup.

The girl in the club is just sort of there, and each guy tugs on her in turn.

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The dance is pretty sexy- too sexy for music shows at least. Simply hit the play button if you would like a preview on this track in mp3 format. As non-corporate musical acts become increasingly popular, the experiences available to music lovers everywhere will simply improve.

Another awkward part about this video is the new member, Jun.