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After 2 minutes the song becomes a bit heavier, we can notice it errata corrige significato yahoo dating the bass sound, but anyway it returns to their soft and delicate sound the last minute is just beautiful instrumental music.

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The next one is Dal Libro di Bordo Dell Adventure another beautiful song with piano, flute and guitars, along with that great voice, which is errata corrige significato yahoo dating superb or something, but it just makes this album better. The last 4 tracks are pedestrian pieces that essentially clash with the previous 5, so one is left with a tinge of confusion.

A compilation of tracks recorded in by this second line-up along with the very first compositions of the group were offered in by Mellow Records.

An excellent, yet very obscure, mid's Italian progressive, taking a step on from the likes of: The debut remains a perennial favorite while this one sort of got lost in the shuffle. The rest of these pieces are even softer and completely instrumental with constant use of piano and synthesizers, less dominant guitar parts and even some pre-New Age themes with an almost Electronic taste.

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The long opening piece ''The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner'' is actually great with some full-blown guitar melodies blended with careful keyboard work and sensitive Italian vocals. The overall keyboard delhi chat rooms dating advice is stellar courtesy of Marco Cimino and gives the whole album a dreamy symphonic veneer that is pure aural candy.

The short "Inside the Great Mastaba" gets really gloomy a Mastaba in Egyptian architecture is a sepulchral structure built aboveground.

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Siegfried Leggenda continues with the same acoustic and pastoral line, the acoustic guitars are often accompanied with a soft and delicate synth background, the song is progressing always, and then it suddenly fades out, but it is just to return with those melodic vocals, guitars and flute, but wait, it finishes with a surprising heavy ending, bellissimo!

The rest of the album belongs to cuts recorded by the second Errata Corrige line-up and has nothing to do with the aforementioned sound. The five opening compositions belong to the early tapes recorded by Errata Corrige prior to their debut album.

The grandiose mood has a slight Eastern tinge, Abate playing a plaintive oboe within a barrage of string synth washes, then shoving his lead guitar into the mix with appropriate passion and flair. Some people may argue why is there a separate genre for the Italian prog rock symphonican easy answer would be because the RPI movement is unique, and not comparable with any other, so you better go and listen to some of these endless gems, and don't worry about labelling.

Pretty enjoyable stuff for what it is, but far from trully interesting. A charming synth solo only adds some fury to the pleasure.

Highly recommended specially if you like RPI, 4 stars.

Errata corrige

The album consists on 6 songs and a total lenght of 38 minutes, the opener is Viaggio di Saggezza, since the very beginning we will notice their tendency to acoustic music, in a symphonic vein but without forgetting their folkish influences, this is a short song where guitars and a beautiful pastoral flute sound mark the road of the song.

My knowledge about this band is actually very limited, but i know they were another oe of those Italian bands that created one great album and later couldn't make it any better, so they disbanded.

Well, I got this a while backtogether with the debut and have been enthralled by the smooth gentleness ever since. The electric leads played by Mike Abate are heavenly, the moody piano celestial and the vocal work stupendous, while the rhythm section propulses along effusively Gianni Cremona on bass and Guido Giovine on drums.

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Their superb, gentle vocal harmonies in Italian are complimentary to the music. Siegfried Mito features a delicate cello sound along with some nice drumming and a music that is very Italian, i hope you understand what i mean pretty cool song.

The second instrumental section dabbles into more somber territory, the groaning cello front and center waiting for the chic piano and the rolling bass to kick into gear, slowly erecting a laid-back symphonic structure. All are pretty cool, but far from special.

Still this documentary release has good moments to offer as a whole.

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Del Cavaliere Citadel e del Drago della Foresta di Lucanor is without a doubt the best song of the album, with a start reminding me a bit to QVL, and then it has several changes in the same song which is divided in 5 parts if i'm not mistaken, the vocals are very melodic and pleasant to my ears, as well as the flute sound, this song shows their talent as musicians and of course their creativity, there are some nice keyboards here and there which produce a soft symphonic sound, the different parts of this epic are easily noticeable, as the change is obvious, there are some great strings at the middle of the epic, and the vocals remain clean an beautiful, the ending is very pastoral which sometimes reminds me to some Celeste moments.

These are soft, elaborated and highly melodic Symphonic Rock compositions with little space for vocals and plenty of instrumental themes, though the constant use of synths sounds a bit annoying at moments.

They develop a very complex dramatic and dreamy style, blending spacious symphonics with a poetic Italian lyrics.

Not as delicious as their debut but a worthy investigation nevertheless.

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Siegfred, Il Drago e Altre Storie saw the light back in and it is another lost treasure from the Italian prog realm, i actually knew about it recently, and it is just awesome to see that so many great albums exist and we don't know.

However their sound would take a downfall compared to their progressive roots, ending up being far too commercial. A classic from Italian Italian Progressive music. The blustery "Dance of the New Land" and diaphanous "Ageless Traveller" are in the same translucent format that does really little to restore the earlier bliss.

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These four pieces show strong Jazz, Funk and Melodic Pop influences with strong use of Vitale's saxes, plenty of warm Italian vocals with great vocal arrangements at times and heavy presence of brass sections, like being recorded by a totally different group.

After two minutes the song gathers all the instuments and with the drums create a sort of funeral song, and some minutes later changes again, nice closing song. Well, a worth listening and discovering without a doubt, no weak moments in this album, an example of why the progressive rock from Italy is so much loved in this site.