The Affair season 4: Release date, cast, spoilers The Affair season 4: Release date, cast, spoilers

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Hey, uh, puffy-shirt guy called.

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Eric's Corvette Caper [4. Ohh, she's that girl. Turn that crap of! But someday I'm gonna dance across this whole city.

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Guess how I know! Eric, step away from your cousin. There's a tornado coming! Hey, some jerk just kicked it over, boo-hoo-hoo. What I meant to say was Yeah here it comes; She likes Red. Well, now, who do we have here?

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I'm not a screw-up like my cousin Leo here. He turns the car off] And I'm grounded.

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Unknown Girl No 1: Why did you do it? What do you think? Kelso, we just talked about this today! Kitty, don't embarrass the boy!

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Heehee, that's a good one, Kelso! It's nice to have a new friend. To impress this cheerleader. You're getting me in a lot of trouble around here.

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I can think of no better way to impress Red than by acting like Travolta in his industrial film. Anyway, since I know I can trust you, I'm gonna let you drive it. So guess which leg's real. Somehow, I've become one of the girls The Relapse 1 [4.

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Turns out Stacey doesn't even like me. Now, I'm begging you- [Kitty walks down stairs] Kitty: Okay, that one was out of the park. This could be our last night here on Earth! Unknown Girl No 3: Isn't that a turn-on? Then I saw how trashed my apartment was so I rebuilt it.

Todd, what are you doing here? Will your dad be there? Okay [starts the car, but the radio blares loud rock. Boy, do I want to do it! Who is it, Red? Paul McCartney and Wings are on tonight. He bought me nudie mags I'd never even heard of.

You know, I wasn't that worried about Donna and my mom talking about me but now that I'm all paranoid I'm all, like paranoid.

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Well, we're all alone. Obviously we're gonna tell everyone! Why is she in my seat? Never let a girl stand on your head like that. Kelso, I don't think Jesus was the son of a spaceman.

That chick likes Red because he's a tough guy, a hard ass.

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Is that all you have to say to me? Because he plays piano! I mean, when did it become okay for them to be friends? But you're the only one I told so don't say a word to anybody. You're sad you were never with Donna? Well, where do you think God lives? Technically I got you.

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You could stay in bed, watch TV, whatever you need to do. Bob, are you drunk?! I'm going to die a virgin! How did you get in?

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If you remove your hand for any reason, you're out. And you owe me a quarter. Red and Stacey [4. Well, if you're kicking her out, then you're kicking me out.

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Thought you said you had news. Been a contractor ever since.

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