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The key areas are anywhere these channels intersect with something - a point, hump, land mass, or anywhere they make a dramatic turn or bend.

Structure is the actual bottom contour breaks, drops, humps, etc. When you find that secret spot, keep it to yourself. VariableZone water temperature sensor shows water temperature throughout the water column. Scan down, sideways, or any combination of the two. The weeds are a constant oxygen source, which attracts baitfish and crawfish, which are food for a lot of fish.


Targeting deep water fish generally requires greater sensitivity, especially in stained or dirty water. Uncover Ambush Locations Experienced fisherman will tell you that many fish choose to hide along the bottom and ambush their prey as it swims by.

The clearer the water, the less sensitivity needed to get accurate details and vice-versa. Broom Stick Side-Scanning By attaching the optional Side-Scan Adapter to an ordinary broom stick or paint roller handle purchased from a local hardware store, you can scan for fish suspended in the water column within ' 75M of your location.

Readings are NOT obtainable through the air. - JOIN the hottest online dating site

If the fish are not active, simply slow down your presentation and wait for the fish to come to you. Uncover Ambush Locations There are a host of reasons for fish to be in the weeds. Salt and brackish water also require a comparatively higher sensitivity setting. Giving you at least 30 hours of battery life.

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HawkEye Portable Fish Finder

The more rock indicators, the more ambush locations there are. Turn it on, and when a fish passes under the sonar sensor, an audible alarm will sound. Attach it to a boat, kayak, or canoe hull and slow troll for fish, all the while keeping a look out for fish behind or in front of you. Readings are NOT obtainable through the air.

HawkEye FishTrax 1 PORTABLE Fish Finder with LCD VirtuView Display

EasyTouch user interface makes system setup and adjustment easy. Attach it to a broom stick handle and search for the best fishing location. Bottom Structure Fishing If your targeting fish that prefer weed or structure try this: We know how important it is to have as much space on your kayak, canoe or dinghy as possible, that is why the FishTrax1 runs off of 4 AAA batteries.

The F33P has a built in fish alarm. We are not responsible for any typographical errors. The number one thing to keep in mind when fishing deep water is structure is king.

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These are the type of areas you need to look for. So, which setting is the right setting? FishTrax intelligent sonar delivers precise fish finder readings up to '. Audible fish alarm signals the presence of fish.

If the fish that you are targeting prefer a weed habitat you should try to fish your bait as close to the top of the weeds as possible installing a weed guard on your hook will prevent accidental snagging of the weed.

Remember to keep an eye on the depth of your bait while fishing bottom structure as you do not want to snag it on the structure. If you hear the alarm, gently toss your bait at least 20' beyond the sonar sensor, allow the bait to drop to the depth of the fish alarm, and retrieve as recommended for the targeted species.

Leaving you with more room for other gear. Remember, to get depth and bottom contour and composition readings you will have to aim the signal at a solid object within 99 Ft As the unit's sensitivity is elevated, a broader view and smaller details show on the screen.

This can also be done from shore by walking along the bank and tossing and retrieving the sensor out into the water in 5 foot intervals.

Uncovering these hiding places will prove invaluable to your fishing trips. Conversely, dirty water requires a higher sensitivity setting to target detail but will increase the irritating false readings.

Weeds also offer a place for the fish to lie in ambush, waiting for an unsuspecting meal to pass by.

You can then use the fish depth scale to drop your bait to a depth that will get it in front of the fish. Attach it to a dock piling and scan sideways for fish swimming by.

If you're fishing from a boat establish accurate readings by using the techniques in this manual. Simply turn the power on, toss the unique floating sonar sensor from the shoreline, bridge, or boat and instant depth, fish, weed, and bottom contour readings are now in the palm of your hand.

Which means there is no need to have a heavy battery pack installed in your kayak, canoe or dingy taking up all your precious room. Scan down, sideways, or any combination of the two.

And in fairly dense masses, weeds offer shade from the blaring hot sun.