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Flirt salon arizona, from the owners of flirt salon

I doubt very much this person really had that experience at Flirt Hair Salon.

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Her son was home sick, which I digisocial online dating. She has the magic touch. She understands texture and body!

I was leaving for San Fran the next day and was going to celebrate my birthday. It just doesn't even fade!


She was great she told me how to curl my hair so that it looks like a Pinterest photo. Flirt salon arizona was not only able to match my color but also refreshed pieces so that it looked like highlights!

I thought she was rather rude. During my stay, I was desperate for a color retouch and trim. Even though my team lost I had a lovely time in Arizona.

I also mentioned that I didn't see her bio on their website and she explained that she had only been there for 8 months. Not anyone can cut my maine with success.

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I asked her how old she was and she said Some of the best things about being Flirt client: I am so happy with the results. My stylist was really friendly and seemed to know a lot about her craft.

She used to work as a stylist for film and she understands how to optimize your entire experience. That's just cut though I started seeing her in Scottsdale and was thrilled to have her back in my life after my move to Chandler. The following week, as flirt salon arizona, I came back and did an all-over color in a dark auburn.

My life - as it relates to my hair - has changed forever. I booked with Yani and received a call that she had to cancel. You are in good hands in her hands. All in all, I trust Her implicitly. She said this girl had been cutting hair for 10 years.

Kim Colburn 1 out of 5 Rating 1 My experience wasn't very good. Not only does she take into account the color, she also thinks of how much maintenance you are willing to put into your color.

Flirt Salon is Arizona's only Alterna exclusive salon...

I think the managers job should have been damage control but she just had attitude. Now I care, and honestly, I don't know if it's the product, or Yani's expertise or both, but I'm sold. My first visit, I only had a hair cut. First of all, Yani, the owner, and her staff are some of the nicest people I've ever met.

She sounds like someone with a personal problem who is just trying to bring down a business with MANY happy clients. The thing is, I specifically asked how long the girl had been doing hair and was lied to on top of dealing with a cancellation.

Judy marsh 5 out of 5 Rating 5 I stopped by to see if they were as good as the chandler location. I just don't see that sort of thing happening, and that certainly doesn't sound like Yani.

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Every time I walk out feeling fresh and loving my hair. I asked her how long she had been cutting hair and she said 5 years and she stated that she started beauty school in high school. We spent some time looking at photos, she took time to examine my existing color and the condition of my hair and then got to work.

The front desk was very friendly.

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I asked the receptionist what options I had and she gave me a name of another stylist who could see me. Like I said - so shiny, so vibrant! It was late notice tho, a couple hours before my appointment. I can't say enough, but if this gives you an idea of how happy I am - even though I just moved to Downtown Phoenix, I am more than willing to keep driving to Tempe to see Yani.

Every time I go to the grocery store, I would see this little salon, and kept thinking I should stop in.

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All her products and color are exclusively Alterna, which I never heard of before probably because I never really paid attention before, since I didn't like how my hair would look anyway. She was a very pretty girl and very sweet, I was just looking for someone with more experience.

Just my two cents. Not just because they offered me a warm brownie when I came in!


She an artist and sees in color. I really liked my stylist. I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and touching my hair! The end result - well The manager came out and told me she could do a consult but at this point it was the stylists option if she wanted to do my hair or not.

Luckily, Yani offers a special price on touch-ups and trims if you make your appointment for every four weeks.

Flirt Salon

I receive compliments on my color all the time. Got a quick shampoo and style. I asked how long she had been doing hair because I was growing out a bad haircut from a stylist that how been working for 4 years and didn't seem to have enough experience.

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I have taken advantage of this offer the past four months and have saved a good chunk of money. I decided to stop in on a whim this past January because I have been working on shifting my spending to local businesses I had been going to a national chain for 3 years prior.

My layers looked phenomenal, and the products she used minimally at my request only worked to enhance the fall and movement and shine!

My cut and color were perfect. I'm sure she thought I was by making a point about her age. I got there and took one look at her and knew she hadn't been cutting hair that long. This is the first time in my life that I like no, LOVE my hair and my stylist so much that I'm willing to keep going back regularly.