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Prepare for a rough ride and don't forget the sunscreen. This is however a popular way to travel. The trip from Angoram to Bogia usually costs kina. It is a large province with mountains in the interior, jungles in the lowlands, and attractive tropical coastlines.

From Vanimo there is a road to Aitape that involves a few river crossings that can cause delay or travel might prove impossible after rain. From Wewak there are at least three points on the Sepik river accessible by road.


Major floods are fairly common about once every ten years and, while the people have learned to adapt to them, cholera and dysentery can occur. For the truly adventurous it should be possible to rent dugout canoes with outboards and boatman at the river villages closest to the province's capital, Wewak.

The best examples of these are around the Maprik area of East Sepik. Timbunke on the middle Sepik has a road connection that gets flooded in rainy season.

It is best visited in June to November when there are less mosquitoes.

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From here it flows into Indonesian Papua, before turning back north-east for the majority of its journey following the great Central Depression. It frequently backtracks to form lagoons, small lakes and garamut enterprises ltd wewak dating. If you find a land cruiser PMV that is going that way, the going fare is kina.

On the lower Sepik, there's regular traffic between Kambaramba and Angoram less than one hour, 10 kina.

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If it's possible to travel, the PMV from Wewak charges 20 kina. Most villages will have basic guesthouses in most budget 25 kina per night or someone will host you. A Haus Tambaran at a village on the Sepik River.

Travel by PMV takes a long time and the driver might wait or drive around the streets for hours before actually departing when full. By the end of the war though, the Japanese had been completely surrounded after Hollandia in Netherlands New Guinea was captured in April during Operations Reckless and Persecution and Aitape had fallen during the campaign in August You can get fish and sago locally.


The expedition took six weeks. Vanimocapital of West Sepik or Sandaun province and border town for Indonesia. European contact on the river began inwhen the Germans explored the area. Wuvulu is the most western of the islands off Papua New Guinea's north coast, collectively known as the Bismark Archipelago.

Tourist trips up and down are possible. The price for hiring vehicles is very high but it might be possible for a traveller to get a ride on a vehicle plying that road. During this period the Australians established a station on the middle Sepik at Ambunti to conduct further explorations.

There's a student discount.

It facilitates your stay quite a bit if you try to learn some basic pisin words and phrases locals will be all too pleased to help if asked, and will take great delight in teaching you.

It is possible to find PMVs to Madang in all three of those. Many tribes use garamut drums in rituals; the drums are formed from long, hollowed-out tree trunks carved into the shape of various totem animals. Hagen in the Highlands and with Madang.

Doing this trip in reverse from Madang to Angoram might be a bit trickier, in the sense that buai boats depart from Bogia, Awar or Borai and it's virtually impossible to know from where the next boat will depart. This is a long journey but the trip down the river usually at night is magical.

They hiked to the source from Telefomin and kayaked down the upper reaches in an inflatable kayak. For the truly adventurous, it is possible to buy a decent canoe and paddles for 50 kina in most villages. Australian anthropologist Ernest Chinneryat work in the middle Sepik Exploration[ edit ] European contact with the river started in when the Germans as part of establishing German New Guinea explored the area.