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But when we're done, you and I will sit down dolidar gov np tenders dating study.

She'd still believe she'd gotten off easy, at least in comparison to the seemingly impossible task set before her.

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In all the rush accompanying her decision to do something about the Weiss Thing, the test they had on Remnant history the next day had slipped Ruby's mind. Ruby's delight faltered as she made her way to the console, all plans of impossible choices and storming strongholds fleeing as she remembered the purpose of bothering Weiss in the first place.

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She supposed she wouldn't mind a bit of training, and Weiss was actually a lot of fun to train with, but The hero is not happy because this was what broke them up the last time. Big thanks to fmo for all her hard work beta'ing this thing! I'd really like to exert myself, you know. Was there even any way to salvage that?

Yang had won a bet, and as a part of her winnings, she'd made Ruby wear some stupid jeans last weekend instead of her skirt and Weiss… she hadn't thought much on it at the time but - "Nevermind! Can I just not be a monumental screw up when it comes to Weiss? How far gone am I? Bothering her teammates for sparring was one thing, but at least now she didn't need to sneak out of Beacon to get her Grimm-fighting kicks.

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After all, Weiss would probably stab her if she didn't put in an acceptable level of effort, and really, offended contempt would be way worse than a simple rejection. Weiss' expression was one of blank calmness, as if she really had no idea what Ruby's attempts at flirtation had been.

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After two years, it was about time, and Ruby supposed that had been why she'd developed the crush. She looked to the side, her stomach full of butterflies and her heart practically pounding in her throat as she forced out, "I really do like you.

She has her Phd, but is earning very little as she does this last internship.

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Ruby bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying as much, reminding herself that it was Weiss and she knew how her partner operated. Maybe she could go train with Crescent Rose. When was that meant to come up in conversation?!

Her eyes were such an interesting shade of blue - Ruby leaned forward a fraction in spite of herself.

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She was going to regret ever asking her sister for advice - she just knew it. They break up and the heroine moves. Jaune had said girls liked confidence, right?

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Ruby swallowed, her throat dry and painful. Especially not when it came to Weiss. Didn't she have a checklist of approved places to take girls for drinks?

Her failure to make her interest clear to Weiss was bothering her. Ruby wasn't entirely ignorant of the whole dating thing, but what if she just went and made things awkward?

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Then it had gotten even worse, because Yang had capped it all off with a "good luck with Weiss". Informally dedicated to Flightshep, who must be wondering why she can never inspire me to write things for her actual OTP.

She's totally right, I am an idiot, Ruby told herself, and she couldn't help her gloomy downturn in mood as she watched Weiss continue to study in blissful ignorance. She held the expression for exactly two heartbeats before Weiss slammed her pen down on the table.

As they walked, Ruby shot Weiss a fleeting sidelong look out the corner of her eye, confident her selectively-observant partner wasn't going to catch it.

Couldn't she throw Ruby a bone? Yang hadn't held back at all, and no matter what she'd claimed about her own expertise, she'd given Ruby some seriously extensive advice.

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Weiss didn't seem to notice, and she buried her face in her hands, groaning. What else was she meant to do? The heroine is angry that the hero has set back her progress yet again and she hunts him down at a book signing. She scoffed, looking back down at her history notes with a level of focus Ruby could only envy.

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Twitter Have you even been hit on by another person yet didn't realize what they were really trying to say or do until it was too late? She tells the heroine to take a few weeks off until the publicity dies down.

Girls' Guide to Flirting with Danger by Kimberly Lang

At least, that was what Ruby repeated over and over in her head, hoping that maybe it would start feeling true soon. Not in the least. We will go train. On the bright side, she'd be able to get Weiss alone and