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Remembered mostly for his poetry, in his own day he was also celebrated—and maligned—for his scathing manifestos, outrageous remarks in interviews, and polemical essays, several of which sharply criticized the opinions of his creator, Fernando Pessoa —Portugal's greatest modernist writer.

On the heels of Caeiro, two further poets follow in rapid succession: He killed some off and let others live.

Fernando Pessoa. Heterónimos

De Campos, the most interesting of the group, begins with the dynamic 'Triumphal Ode': His father, Joaquim de Seabra Pessoa, died of tuberculosis when Pessoa was young. That he was so obsessively drawn to Shakespeare's Hamlet was more telling than he may have realized.

The beauty of a naked body is felt only by the dressed races. He smoked eighty cigarettes dell v520 printer wireless hook up for laptop and drank a lot.

How many am I?

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Smell is a strange sight. A kind of remembrance of my future death makes me shudder from the inside. English note heteronimos fernando pessoa yahoo dating the hand of the poet in the same paper sheet: Pessoa's first book Antinous appeared in and was followed by two other collection of poems, all written in English.

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It evokes sentimental landscapes through a sudden sketching of the subconscious. Pessoa argued that just as a novelist becomes annoyed when readers assume that his characters' feelings and experiences are mere stand-ins for his own, so too should people respect that Pessoa's heteronyms were utterly separate from him.

Like Cioran re-writing Hopscotch, it is a monumental treatise on dejection, consisting of stray aphoristic fragments composed over decades, for which no satisfactory order has ever been deduced.

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He once wrote that he wanted to be loved, but never to love: It doesn't weight on you like the tiredness of the body, nor does it worry you like the tiredness of knowledge and emotion. Such is the law by which things that can't be explained must be forgotten.

Fernando Pessoa

Civilization consists in giving something an unfitting name, then dream about the result. What do you get out of it besides the dubious pleasure of making fun of me? On a strictly intellectual life. The heteronyms dialogue with each other and even with Pessoa in what he calls "the theatre of being" or "drama in people".

I was only content with activity just enough to stimulate me, not to let myself be forgotten. Whenever I arrived at a certainty, I remembered that those with the greatest certainties are lunatics.

The primary condition to be a practical man is the absence of sensitivity. Pity him who is happy! It's a dead thing that lives as long as you live, and the poems you'll write will live without a as long as. Pessoa once described his oeuvre as "a drama divided into people instead of into acts.

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Here lies, on the small farthest beach, the Captain of the End. Whose the keels I see and hear?

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Caeiro is the father in the Pessoan family romance, the original vessel, of which Campos, Reis and Pessoa himself are fallen shards. He became a respected intellectual figure, if not quite a celebrity, but his literary genius was not widely recognized until after he died.

As the scholar Jorge de Sena noted at the first international symposium on the author's work held at Brown University inPessoa was hardly the first to eradicate any trace of autobiographical feeling and experience from his writing.

Some of them are relatives or know each other; they criticise and translate each other's works. Because it's all ends and purposes and intentions. At first it was ridiculed, but soon the publication won respect, and the criticism that appeared in Orpheu became highly influential. He was five when his father, the music critic Joaquim de Seabra Pessoa, died of tuberculosis.

Then there was Jean Seul, who wrote only in French. It began in the spirit of playfulness "I thought of playing a joke As Richard Zenith has written, the work stands "like variously sized building blocks—some rough, others exquisitely fashioned—of an impossible but marvelous monument.

He looked about thirty, thin, rather above average height, exaggeratedly bent over when seated but less so when he stood up, dressed with a certain negligence, which was not entirely negligence. He lives because life lasts.

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Because "true" biographical information about him is so limited, it is difficult to say. From an early age he would compose letters to himself from imaginary correspondents.

The idea of hell, which only a satanic soul could have invented seems to me to have derived from this sort of confusion - a mixture of two different fears that contradict and contaminate each other. He annihilated himself in the name of artistic creation. It's faraway decoration, even if in blood and plague.

Like a Greek god, or a Flann O'Brien narrator, characters spring from his brow, fully-formed, to embark on mundane careers and marvellous voyages.

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He is also regarded as one of the greatest modernists in any language and is surely one of the most fascinating literary figures of any era. These diverse personae—or, Pessoae, you might say—wrote thousands and thousands of pages, and most of those texts were left behind as fragments to be transcribed and translated after Pessoa's death.

He had "no profession or any sort of education," was of medium height, pale, with blue eyes, and died consumptive.

He elaborated horoscopes of his main heteronyms in order to determine their personalities. The monumental task of deciphering, organizing, and translating his work is still in progress, and perhaps always will be. Later he worked as a bookkeeper. Anon was supposedly English, while Search, although English, was born in Lisbon.

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He dressed formally, with a bow tie and homburg hat. Nothing within him whispers More than the primeval law: He had produced what is believed to be his first poem in the summer ofwhen he was seven years old, in response to learning that the family would be moving to South Africa.

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Obsessed with horoscopes, he considered making his living as an astrologer.