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Today it is a colourful site that boasts fish and seafood restaurants. The film tells the story of Nina, a young actress who moves to Paris, sleeps around, and gets tangled up with three archetypes of garbage masculinity.

So I've been writing this as I've been watching the film, and I guess, to end it, I'll say that this film reminded me of how crazy and fucked up human beings can be.

Once the tragedy comes to fruition, the film loses some steam as the most fascinating character in the film is pushed to the side and the remaining players are left behind wandering trying to pick up the pieces.

Rencontre / rendez-vous / réunion

Ongoing entertainment and cultural activities for all tastes and ages: So, Binoche is predictably great. Biarritz owes its steady popularity not only to its beachesand surfing spots, but also to its golf courses and health spas, not to mention the many festivals and cultural events that are held here throughout the year.

This film flows like a river, camera is untethered and drifts like a ghost. I'll chalk it up to the fact that while abstraction seems a goal here, neither the structure nor the performances were truly weird enough to jolt us out of reality.

Binoche is excellent as Nina and she's responsible for the film's high points the final sex scene comes to mind.

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She always just sort of had it, ya know? Health curesoffered by the many spas that are now the leaders in their field. A63 and A64 Contact. You see the seedlings of a lot of early 90s American indie films coming out of here too; Hal Hartley owes a lot to this.

Turns out he wrote the screenplay. Certainly the characters take its events very seriously, and the light comedy of the first twenty minutes--my favorite--doesn't mesh well with the Carax-esque romance of the rest. Overall this is a mixed and often unpleasant bag. Train station TGV of Biarritz: Special attractions The manysurfing schools Biarritz is the cradle of European surfing Thesecond-oldest golf course on the continent the Biarritz Lighthouse coursethe modern international golf-training centre at Ilbarritz, and 12 other golf courses located within a radius of 12 kilometres 8 miles of Biarritz.

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Strong but confused and out of luck she gets the part of Juliette in a way that seems like fate. Basically a strange longing for both artifice and reality that successfully evokes neither. But Nina doesn't have the same luck as Juliette when it comes to timing.

The surrounding region has retained its authenticity, and Spain is just across the border.


Getting there By plane: It's really whirlwind of masculine insecurity, with Binoche caught in the center.

Imagine the energy of la Haine channeled into a romance. The varied beaches that stretch along 6 kilometres 4 miles of Biarritz coastline.

Many special exhibitions are held throughout the year.


She's not in tune with her feelings, and makes one bad decision after another. Rarely does one destination offer so much variety.

But the part is way to hard for her to grasp, not even being able to make sense of her own reality. Rendez-vous in Biarritz Biarritz fr Biarritz This juxtaposed with relatively efficient cutting style and a range of good but not great stylistic choices makes one wonder how seriously the film is to be taken.


But there's a limit to how much time I want spend watching her suffer and some of the more heavy handed elements left me cold Quentin's literal haunting, some of the Shakespeare stuff, the Bible verse. And a twenty-something Juliette Binoche becomes his obsession.

This film doesn't miss a fuckin beat. Giving herself to others physically to get what she craves mentally, and end up in a love triangle.