Wellington, New Zealand Live Weather Report Wellington, New Zealand Live Weather Report

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The wind in Wellington will be flowing at a speed of 1 miles per hour.

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Heat Index is the measuerment of how hot it feels when both relative humidity and temperature are taken into account.

Please note that Wind speed is the resultant of air moving from high pressure region to the low pressure region.

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In summer temperatures hover around the mid twenties, and in winter around the mid teens in most populated areas, towns and cities.

Atmospheric pressure is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere at the point of measurement.

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With much of the country near the coast, it means mild temperatures, moderate rainfall and lots of sunshine! Local flights from other sidewinder x6 ghosting dating of New Zealand land here, as well as from Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Length of the day in Wellington is As the elevation increases the atmospheric pressure decreases. Two main geographical features dominate New Zealand climate: Sunday 30 September For Wellington the Heat Index today is.

Weather in Wellington

The wind direction is 80 degrees. What is the humidity in Wellington Today? Sunday 01 April What is the Heat Index for Wellington today?

For these reasons New Zealand is a mild and comfortable climate where you can enjoy activities all year round. Wellington coordinates and location in the world Which are latitude and longitude coordinates of Wellington in the map of the world? Our climate is largely temperate with the far north experiencing sub-tropical weather in summer and the alpine areas of the south dropping to low temperatures in the winter.

Weather for Wellington provided by openweathermap.

Two Day Rainfall Map

Within one hours drive you can often see four seasons in one day as the diverse and sudden landscape changes and temperature pockets in one town to the next peak and trough.

Temperature and Humidity also affect the atmospheric pressure. Add this free digital clock to your site and show your users the time in Wellington. How to interpret the values for Atmospheric pressure? You will find hotel rooms prices, payment methods, location and opening hours, that will help you booking the best hotel in Wellington for your budget during your vacations.

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Daylight Saving Time in Wellington starts on:: These are the time change dates in Wellington during It is necessary for international flights to transfer at a different airport as, due to the short runway at Wellington, larger planes are unable to land.

The average temperature does decrease as you travel further south. For the adventurous both mountains can be climbed then skied down, and then waves surfed in the warmth of the sun that very same day! Weather in New Zealand is very changeable due to its geographical positioning and length.

Today's atmospheric pressure in Wellington is hPa - Hecto Pascal. Human Sweat does not evoporate so quickly when the humidity is more. Humidity Measurement is the amount of water vapor in the air.

Wellington, New Zealand Live Weather Update - Holiday Weather

People in Wellington will be experiencing today a humidity value of 71 In this Weather Report for Wellington how to interpret the value of Humidity? Astronomical twilight in Wellington begins at There is also the New Zealand Festival which runs for 24 days in February and March and showcases many arts events celebrating some of the world's top international artists.

That is why we recommend you to check out the time change dates to stay up to date. Popular sports include football, rugby, netball, basketball and cricket which are all widely supported in Wellington.