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His website serves as an extension of his speaking and book writing efforts and serves as a way to stay in touch with his followers. Their focus is online marketing in all its forms. Their purview is gadgets and gadgets alone, and while that does include the newest in cell phones and tablets, it also includes specialized flashlights, photo printers for your smartphone, dedicated dryers for your bra, and self-balancing unicycles.

Going a step further and monetizing even a quality blog is a major stumbling block.

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In Therapy, on April 29,edited kaal sarp dosh puja in bangalore dating Heather Is dooce dating matt. That said, there is nothing stopping a well made and even relatively niche blog from becoming extraordinarily successful.

Given its popularity, it is little surprise a site dedicated to it is so successful.

Top 35 Earning Blogs

Quality blog writing takes practice and effort. The negotiations broke down in Mayand Kensington sued to force Armstrong to fulfill the terms of the unsigned contract.

As ofJon Armstrong runs it without her. Smart Passive Income Owner: Since his continued fame stems from the blog, this is included as a way to show other ways to creatively generate income.

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The Huffington Post Owner: Heather B Armstrong Income: Last week I did the top earning websiteswhich included all type of sites, but then I figured that It would also be interesting to make the top earning Blogs on the internet, instead of websites in general.

For a few years we've been trying to come up with a way for the readers of this site to connect and interact with each other, to get to know each other better, for me to get to know you better, and for little bunnies to fart sunshine.

InArmstrong accepted graphic ads and wrote that the revenue from the advertisements would be her family's principal source of income while her husband made the transition to manage her advertising and business.

In the end, the options for what your blog should be about and ultimately monetizing that are limitless.

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They also tend to prefer highlighting technology that could be disruptive to the current status quo. Steve Pavlina is a motivational speaker and self-help author. Instead, it offers a premium membership to gain access to a huge array of courses and educational materials on website design and development.

TPM rose to prominence during the George W.

Making Shit Happen Right Now

But for the top earning blogs below, the rewards for successfully navigating this new realm of authorship are staggering. Technically Matt does not make any money from the blog itself; instead, he uses his persona to acquire Twitter followers, and uses that Twitter account to promote products and services to them.

Since then, she has appeared in Suave advertisements that feature her own image and trademark. As you scanned the list of my top earning blogs, you may have noticed a theme. Heather Armstrong writes about her life and her feelings and her opinions.

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So we meaning the team I introduced above have put together a new section of this website where we can all pool our knowledge and experiences and drunken mishaps into one highly accessible and fun place. There might be a couple of sites that match both lists and obviously this list does not include my own blog.

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Still, Gothamist caters to a very large audience showcasing news, crime reports, events, and cultural happenings of interest to New Yorkers and those who wish they were.

Resources Top 35 Earning Blogs Blog writing is easy. Bush era through its constant and strong criticism of that administration. There are also some artistic tutorials for programs like Photoshop. I started this website in February It, too, also includes the occasional internet-pandering or interesting article only tangentially related to the main focus of the blog, but with updates roughly every hour, it keeps readers satisfied with plenty of content.

A year later I was fired from my job for this website because I had written stories that included people in my workplace.

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Seeing a pattern here? Their blog features posts in this same vein that help funnel readers to the premium section. For that reason, tech blogs, web development blogs, and those with a focus on making money online are consistently popular options.

She still maintains Dooce. Talking Points Memo Owner: Tips on increasing traffic and improving your work-at-home space are common topics.

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Her relationship with the church has caused some controversy, as Armstrong is no longer a member. She and her ex-husband ran Armstrong Media, LLC, a web design, advertising and content-generation business. Whether you agree with what he does or not, that people want to read what he writes — and the success it brings him — is undeniable.