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This were organised as 6 manual gears in each of 3 ranges Low, Medium and High. Engine[ edit ] All models have six-cylinder diesel engines. The front suspension on most machines uses four links, a panhard rod and anti-roll bar.

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Suspension[ edit ] Multi-link suspension suspension is fitted between the chassis and both the front and rear beam axles. The rear suspension uses two lower link and a V-link on top plus an anti-roll bar. This clutch is sprung on to give four-wheel drive and hydraulically disengaged to give two-wheel drive.

An automatic Global Positioning System -controlled steering jcb fastrac 4000 landwirt flirt using a Differential GPS is available for the, and series machines.

This gearbox then had a 2-speed powershift section added after the dry clutch and before the 6-speed gearbox.

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The rear axle is driven as standard and drive to the front axle selected by the driver, through a hydraulically controlled clutch.

Note that the top three reverse gears are not available for use.

Jcb fastrac 4000

Axle locking differentials[ edit ] A standard locking differential is provided in the rear axle of all machines. All gear changes were made with the use of a dry clutch. This system gives a mechanical link between the steering wheel and the front wheels.

On the series a V-link is used at the front. Hydropneumatic suspension is used on the rear of all models and on the front of the and series Fastrac.

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Axles[ edit ] Most Fastrac axles have a central differential and epicyclic gearing reduction units built into the hub ends, where the wheel bolts. The first type has evolved over several years. Rear axle steering[ edit ] Rear wheel steering four-wheel steering is available as an option on and series machines.

Four wheel drive[ edit ] All models are selectable four-wheel drive. The second type fitted to, and Fastrac models features a CVT IVT hydrostatic power-split gearbox which is one of the most advanced tractor gearboxes available.

We drive the JCB Fastrac tractor to see if the updates to the new 4000 series cut the mustard.

As reverse is at the front of the powershift section the reverse gears are spread throughout the speed range. Front axle steering[ edit ]and Series Machines These Fastrac machines have hydrostatic steering similar to most agricultural tractors with only a hydraulic link between the steering wheels and the front wheels.

Following this the 2-speed powershift section was changed to 3-speed version. The Series rear axle has a central differential and has in-board epicyclic gearing reduction units.

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Three different gearboxes have been fitted to the Fastrac in production. The range box also selected reverse giving 6 reverse gears with speeds similar to medium in forwards.

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