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When we first became friends, we thought we'd be her teachers, But teaching us compassion became one of her greatest features. But my best friend and I saw the girl who was inside, The pretty little girl whose beauty couldn't hide. The Silent Voice[ edit ] She sat alone at the busy lunch table, But no one would notice her, for she was learning disabled.

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The friendship, love and respect we've found, Are words we feel that have no sound. Baker opened by saying that Jeane coakley dating needs to work better for taxpayers, for those who work for state government, and those who rely on the services the state provides. Just to see her beautiful smile, Made everyday with her seem even more worthwhile.

Baker and Coakley said they will vote against the repeal.

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The other students were hateful, tossing bottle caps so near, And I was ever so amazed she didn't react with fear. Facebook Please fill all widget settings!

I always wondered why she was so forgiving, Seeing life through her eyes made it all seem worth living.

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She was a lone flower in a garden full of weeds, But no one cared to look beyond her special needs. The debate began with questions submitted by 22News viewers via our Report It feature, with the first question dealing with one of the issues that particularly concerns people in our area: She had a mind and feelings just like anyone, The only difference was she couldn't talk, walk, or run.

In her opening statement, Coakley cited her upbringing in western Massachusetts, saying that she knows the issues that impact people in this area. Her silent voice now speaks to those Who at first shunned her and chose to close Their hearts to this special girl, Whose life has touched this sacred world.


Making it clear that they will make western Massachusetts a priority. They also said that they would look at ways to still allow a casino in Springfield if the repeal effort passes. The history polls from 7News showed voters currently opposing a November ballot question to repeal the casino law, by margins of andrespectively.

She was trapped within a dungeon of despair, Yet she would smile so sweetly, knowing life she had to bear. He said that he has a broad record in both the public and private sectors; serving in the Weld and Cellucci Administrations, and also at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

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Both Baker and Coakley said that they would be voting no on Question 3, which would repeal the state law legalizing casinos. The attorney general said that her economic development plan would turn things around for all of Massachusetts; not just Boston and Cambridge.

That horrid view from her limiting wheelchair, Made life look harsh, cruel and terribly unfair.

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