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For rabbit health questions and answers, click here. Some people feel that euthanasia is better than having to get molar trims every four months.

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The best way to determine if your rabbit has tooth problems is to take him to a rabbit-experienced veterinarian as soon as you get your rabbit, and then annually for a physical exam that includes an oral exam.

All animals that primarily eat vegetation are called herbivores. If nail trimmers or bone cutters are used, they cause trauma to the tooth as well as pain from the concussive forces.

If a dental drill is used, there is minimal discomfort. Sometimes the molars need to be trimmed shorter under anesthesia at least once to allow the incisors to meet at a better angle.

Rabbits with abnormal incisors already are unable to use their incisors to grab and cut food, so they are usually thankful to have the bad incisors out of their way.

The sooner dental problems are recognized, the better, because as time goes on, things will get worse and overgrown teeth often lead to abscesses and chronic pain.

If there are loose, rotten teeth, those need to be pulled. Rabbits can develop malocclusion of just the incisors, or just the molars, or a combination of both. If the teeth are growing at an acute angle, your vet can adjust the angle to allow the teeth to meet better. But if you talk to rabbit owners who have been through fastener manufacturers in bangalore dating molar trims, abscess surgeries or incisor extractions, you will hear that the rabbits are otherwise healthy and happy, and the owners are glad they have their beloved friend racing through the house, doing binkies.

Always offer fresh, high-quality hay. And supportive care after the tooth trimming is just as important.

Rabbit Teeth: Good, Bad And Ugly

This pushes the jaws farther apart and changes how the incisors meet. This causes inflammation around the tooth roots, and frequently leads to infection and abscess formation.

The small amount of tooth exposed above the gumline is called the crown and the portion of tooth below the gumline is called the root. The incisors are trimmed using a dental drill with the rabbit awake.

This can be stressful to the rabbit, and sometimes painful. If he is eating less food overall. In reality, removing the abnormal incisors gets rid of a source of constant frustration and pain, and rabbits can eat hay, pellets and veggies just fine.

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Due to insufficient tooth wear, the molars get too long. There are a few common ways that dental problems develop in rabbits: Alfalfa hay is higher in calcium and protein, so it is good for babies, nursing moms, and old or sickly bunnies. Some people hesitate to put their rabbit through tooth trims under anesthesia or surgery, fearing pain and suffering for their pet.

They can get very long and cut into the lips or look like elephant tusks.

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A handfile will not allow for sufficient trimming of overgrown teeth. If rabbits are sick, then they may not be strong enough to handle the anesthesia right away. Once your rabbit has developed molar malocclusion, he will need to have his teeth monitored closely.

So herbivores adapted to this diet by having teeth that are constantly growing, in order to replace what is lost by chewing. Find out if he or she has attended special lectures and labs to learn about trimming teeth, and if the veterinarian has textbooks that cover dental problems in rabbits.

If you notice moisture around his mouth or on his chin, or a sour odor to his breath, there may be dental problems.

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It is also very helpful to treat tooth problems aggressively at first, to get the best long-term outcome. Does he or she use a dental drill or dremel to trim molars good or do they cut the molar teeth with a rongeur or handfile not as good? Veterinarians without enough training and experience may misdiagnose problems, or just not treat the problem as aggressively as is needed for the best outcome.

Most rabbits with malocclusion that receive proper treatment can live long happy lives. Their natural diet consists of grass, dried grass, weeds, leaves and branches.

These items are very tough and fibrous, and therefore teeth get very worn down from chewing these foods. If your rabbit has stopped eating or is too skinny, then he should have several days, or sometimes a few weeks, of syringe-feeding and pain medication before he goes under anesthesia.

Take A Tooth Tour Rabbits have six incisors, two big ones on top, two big ones on the bottom, and two tiny ones behind the upper incisors, which are called peg teeth. There are six on top and five on the bottom on each side. They can cause splitting of the tooth longitudinally, resulting in infection of the root.

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You can locate a rabbit veterinarian with dental training by searching online at the Association for Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, www. The next step is placing the rabbit under anesthesia.

Working with an experienced rabbit vet will give your rabbit the best chance of staying pain-free and happy. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, horses, cattle, deer and more.

Watch What Your Pet Eats

Initially the incisors start to hit each other, then the lower incisors start to grow in front of the uppers. When using rongeurs to cut the molars, the teeth often fracture and get damaged, and you cannot make fine adjustments to normalize the teeth.

The incisors are trimmed short and are angled to encourage them to scissor properly, with the upper incisors in front of the lowers. This is not recommended, and frequently leads to worsening tooth problems. So the best way to prevent dental problems, as well as intestinal problems and obesity, is to feed your rabbit a diet high in fibrous hay.