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Louis and Flavia prepare for Saturday's show on a balance beam topreminding movie fans of a scene in which Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey move on a fallen tree trunk bottom Practice makes perfect: Lately she posts louis smith dating flavia sampaio messages dedicated to her husband.

Flavia and Louis touch hands to help them balance on a beam during the practice session Impressive: He began to lose his wealth when his oil and commodities companies collapsed. The organization helps children from the ages of 0 to 15 with computer classes, libraries, sports events, arts and psychological help.

Turning back the clock: No doubt keen to maintain that position, the pair have spent hours this week training for their take on Dirty Dancing. Flavia and Eike first met at a restaurant They have a son, Balder Batista, who was born on June, Eike was arrested in January for corruption and money laundering.

Flavia and Louis look into each other's eyes topjust as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey did in the film bottom Miss Cacace, who was partnered by astrologer Russell Grant last year, seems — understandably — to be making the most of having Smith as her dance louis smith dating flavia sampaio. She has a law firm together with two other partners Sampaio, Morisson and Boquimpani Advogados Associados.

They specialize in ip address conflict xp wireless validating, taxes and environmental law.

Dating History

And Craig himself couldn't resist taking part inthe seasonal episode, joining the dancers in their group performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller, much to the amusement of his fellow judges. Louis and Flavia take a break from practising, but still cannot keep their eyes off each other Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Flavia and Louis grin as they roll about on the floor during practice for Saturday's show Chilling out: Louis Smith and Flavia set to recreate famous Dirty Dancing scenes.

With her arms outstretched in a graceful pose, Flavia looks ready to take on the competition Well, he is a gymnast Strictly Come Dancing This wider photograph of Louis Smith's lift shows how the gymnast keeps his legs apart to ensure Flavia Cacace can remain balanced above Take your partner by the hand: Louis Smith impresses his partner with a backward roll during practice for Saturday Playing around: After she got the degree, she specialized in Civil Law.

Flavia draws a smile from Louis with a seductive pose on the balance beam All smiles: Career, Work and Net Worth: Craig Revel Horwood applauded the ex-sportsman following his performance, whilst Bruno said: And despite being tipped by the bookies to win the show, Mr Smith said before that he did not feel like the favourite.

Louis Smith's 'fang-tastic' tango earns series' top score so far October 28, - Flavia has a beauty salon, which opened in The London medallist achieved this series' highest score during the Halloween-themed show as Italian judge Bruno Tonioli described his routine as "the first killer tango of the season".

Flávia Sampaio

The athletic dancers practise two more lifts in preparation for the competition this weekend Muscly: She even went to Paris in order to see bring the latest specialized equipment. Flavia was born and raised in Tijuca, Brazil.

Flavia is a lawyer. He declared that he is a superstitious man. Choreographer Jamie Hughes Ward watches on as Louis lifts Flavia into the air during practice for Saturday's performance Speaking a few weeks ago before the first live show, he said is learning like everyone else.

Flavia and Louis prepare to practise another dance move High five: Marriage to Eike Batista and Relationship: Flavia was partnered by astrologer Russell Grant last year and appears to be making the most of having Louis as her dance companion Well suited: His dance partner Ola Jordan only returned to rehearsals on Friday after taking a break and heading back to her native Poland to visit her mother, who has suffered a heart attack.

Louis and Flavia practise the lift again, but this time the gymnast decides to do it with his t-shirt off Symmetry: Flavia has Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Before Fame

That was her routine earlier, but after her husband was arrested, she began to work from her home so she can have peace and do not find any reporter or journalist at her work place.

However, She is more popular as being the wife of Eike Batiste, a businessman considered as one of the richest men of Brazil. Louis and Flavia left get into position as they seek to recreate another famous move from the film right Up in the air: The Olympic gold medalist dressed as a glamorous, goth-like character as she and Brendan danced a tango to Billy Idol's White Wedding.

Choreographer Jamie Hughes Ward helps the pair to get into position as they prepare to take part in Strictly Come Dancing for a third week Past masters: She did everything on her own.

The pair are set to recreate some of the famous sequences from the film Dirty Dancing, starring Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Louis laughs as choreographer Jamie Hughes Ward shows him how to perfect a difficult move Here if you need me: Well, either that or an Olympic gymnast.

The former England star, who survived the dance off last Sunday against model Jerry Halldressed as a magician for his quick step routine to That Old Black Magic.

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Flavia and Louis are recreating the well-known scenes from Dirty Dancing where Frances 'Baby' Houseman is put through her paces by her hip-swivelling bit of rough Johnny Castle How it should be done: She posted a message on her social network Instagram to support him and then went to prison to visit him together with two lawyers.

She goes to the gym every morning and then she goes to her lawyer firm and beauty salons. Louis Smith looked more than happy to take on the challenge as he practised with professional dance partner Flavia Cacace this week.

She also shares pictures of her son and family. Have an Opinion on this Post?

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The police arrested him when he was at the airport coming back from a trip to New York. Louis certainly didn't look out of place on the balance beam during the training session Stretching out: Louis lifts Flavia in the training gym top in a move similar to one performed by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey some 25 years ago bottom Flying high: In the beauty salon, people can get massages, manicure and pedicure among other treatment.

Judge Darcey Bussell awarded the duo nine points and said the Olympic star was "spookily good" and performed "the best tango of the night".