Art Gallery in Rayalpadu, India Art Gallery in Rayalpadu, India

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People used to come and pile their notebooks with me and I would happy do it.

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)

To make what does not exist: It showcased the collection of high profile arts by the leading artists in India. This place just steals the show every day for varied art lovers who get astonishingly amazed by gazing at those arts. It contributes to the aesthetic value of art promoting the rich and ancient culture of India through modernised art forms to the people.

One cannot stop itself from gazing at the fascinated art forms.

Top 10 Best Art Galleries In India

The best part, at the end of the day, I get enough time to paint, especially on my off days. One of the best place to visit in Kolkata throughout the season and every then and now they have some art programs, shows, and events held by different emerging mahua art gallery in bangalore dating leading artist with the deep knowledge of various art forms.

You stand back and admire the beauty of nature and then think about the artist who created such an enigmatic piece of artwork.

It is real hookup sites australia time proven fact that people visit these extraordinary art galleries not only from India but also people residing in abroad and who are true lovers of different art came over here and enjoy the mesmerising art of aesthetic value.

The art gallery is specialised in focusing on the Indian modern art depicting more the birth place of various arts. But, in order to make his parents happy and still find a profession that would help him with his artwork was going to be a challenge.

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Again, it is a must visiting place for every art lovers in India. They exhibit a wide array of contemporary art selectively displayed there. They have the richest collection of various art forms and style that will allure your soul and mind deeply and you will be lost into hues of different colors.

His parents persuaded him to find something more stable, so he could support his family. But I never had to. A place where not only the local people visits but also people from both nationally and internationally come over Kolkata to enjoy the rich heritage of art and culture from various renowned artists.

As a self-taught artist, Bijay just loved to paint and was getting recognition and that was more than enough to keep him inspired. Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata Calcutta or better known as Kolkata is the hub of rich art and culture where you will find extraordinary and creatively talented artists both emerging and leading to lure you with their appealing artistic skills.

Art galleries in bangalore

They conduct summer carnival and various art events for the public who can visit this place during the ongoing events and exhibition shows. The smell of paint, mixed with freshness of the canvas is like a heavenly concoction that helps him connect with his spiritual side.

Right now, now no one can dictate what I must and should do. All paid for by the Indian government.

National Gallery Of Modern Art

I wanted all my classes from 9 to 5 to be just that. With more people liking his work, he felt that he could do art professionally, just like any other trained artist.

He continued to make caricatures of his professors, teachers and students. They provide the quality art with sheer excellence from the established and leading artists from India.

Getting paid while he looks for his next idea: When you see a divine figure rising up from the pond in the form of a lotus, eyes closed, shinning on a misty over-shadowed day, it makes your mind numb with serenity. Whenever I get a chance to learn, I definitely do not miss it.

So I have the luxury of experimenting.

Top 10 Best Art Galleries In India

Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata Aakriti has got some fabulous art show for the varied art lovers. This art gallery is situated in the heart of Kolkata exclusively it promotes young artist from various places and location to showcase their artistic talent to the art lovers.

Every day people visit this place to enjoy the aesthetic and glorious piece of arts. It is a magnificent marble building with the statue of Queen Victoria everywhere and the building consists of a royal gallery of artistic paintings of Winter Halter and Jansen depicting the memorial journey of Prince Albert.

This job gives him the opportunity to meet new people and go to different places. One added advantage of this gallery is that if you like any of the art you can easily purchase it for yourself and enjoy it more sitting at your home or in your office and get lost into the rich artistic paintings.


I can't carry the big canvas around, so sometimes I take my smaller canvas, paint something and then come back home and replicate it on a bigger scale.

As a young kid, growing up in a small town Pal-Lahare in Orissa, right from the beginning, Bijay learnt the essence of nature in ones life as he completed primary and secondary education from Mahatab high school,Pallahara.

They display arts of different categories depending on the art school, time period, and various ancient artists with their glorious and exceptional talent depicting the hues of different colors, shade, and structure and make into a complete meaning art for the curious art lovers.

The painting is already a full time thing. Finally he found the perfect job; it might seem unusual for an artist, but he started working with the Indian Railways as a ticket collector. Besides just doing my own artwork assignment, I used to do it for the whole class.