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Eunji returns to youth in the next photograph. While the previous photo had her as a playful child, here she is a strong young woman.

She again resembles a little girl in her outfit and demeanor.

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She looks young and innocent in her white dress, her loose and wavy hair adding unruliness to her appearance.

Image and musical style[ edit ] Apink at a fan event, Apink's image and music style are often compared to first-generation idol girl groups S. In celebration of their seventh anniversary, Apink released single "Miracle" and a photobook on April 19, followed by a fan meeting held on April flirty ecards for her In DecemberApink and Beast released a music video of the song "Skinny Baby" for school uniform brand Skoolooks.

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The music video for "Mollayo" featured Beast' Lee Gi-kwang. The episodes were hosted by various celebrities, including G. The members also auctioned off personal items for charity.

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The song was composed by Kim Jin-hwan, with lyrics by the group's leader, Park Cho-rong. Ptitled "Mini" for Skoolooks. Maybe this change was part of growing up or maybe Eunji was made to transition to suit her idol image, but either way she looks adorable in this photo shoot.

She poses on a ladder with one foot dangling off, her hand lifting her skirt, and with a shocked expression. In the first photo, Eunji wears a long white dress, sheer overlay over several underskirts, and black-and-white brogues.

In this issue, Eunji speaks of her past fashion choices, stating her former dislike of girly clothing. The show followed the efforts of the two idol groups to care for abandoned and mistreated animals over the course of eight weeks.

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The title track, "I'm So Sick" Hangul: She appears to be playing with the piano and making silly expressions and laughing at the camera. With these, she wears sneakers. The album also included instrumentals and ballad versions of Apink's previous hits including "Mr.

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With this comeback, Apink took on a different direction conceptually, with a bolder image and a more sophisticated sound. The show followed Apink's daily activities.

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In October, Apink returned to Japan to promote their ninth Japanese single, "Orion, and later that month also announced the closing of their Japanese fan club 'Panda Japan'. After this announcement, tickets sold out in just over two minutes.

The final two shots have Eunji in the same outfit but in different positions. I think that's why the audience felt comfortable with us". The success of the song and album further led to Apink making their debut on Billboard's Social 50 chart, opening at No.

Her modelling also helps. The single was chosen by fans through a poll on Mnet's website.

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The concert, which was announced in December, had sold out tickets three minutes after its announcement. Eun-ji's first solo concert took place on June Her outfit is pale pink, cream, and taupe, with a tulle skirt, lacy leggings and pointelle sweater, and on her head is an adorable eared cap. On November 30, Plan A Entertainment announced through Naver that Apink would be returning on December 15 with their first special album, Dear, despite rigorous activities and promotions throughout the end of Wearing a black dress with her hair pulled into an up-do, she looks mature and sexy.

Chu " on February 18,which also included a Japanese version of " Hush ". The set is also different, having more props, with the cello adding a classy look.

In contrast to her playful image in the first photo, Eunji looks serious here. She sits with her hands and knees together, her head titled up, and her gaze directed at us.

Her outfit is kid-like and very feminine, possibly too young for her age but cute nonetheless.

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The skirt is huge, swallowing her in its fabric, and over it she wears a fur jacket. Could she be playing up to her coming performance as Elle Woods? The album itself topped the Gaon chart and led Apink to reach their highest-ever position on Billboard's World Albums chart at No.

Her expression is more thoughtful and melancholic, fitting for a young woman. Chu", by Duble Sidekick, were released on March But Eunji is once again mature in the next photo.

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During the showcase, leader Cho-Rong stated that Pink Revolution would incorporate a new sense of Apink's growth and maturity since debut, while Eun-ji explained that Apink will begin to focus on making complex and beautiful music, rather than tracks that "are simply fun and catchy.

Dear has five new original songs, three of which are duets sung and written exclusively by pairs of members.

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The album consists of five songs, including "It Girl" and "Wishlist". Plan A stated that the album would commend the unwavering love and invaluable support from their fans since debut. Once again wearing white, symbolic of innocence, Eunji resembles a little girl playing dress up.

The group began promotion of the album with weekly appearances on music programs to perform the title song "Hush" through June. Her titled head and pouty expression speaks more of a little girl.

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She hated pink ironic and preferred wearing pants. The bare background offers no distractions from Eunji. The second photo features a completely different Eunji, however.

Also during this time, Apink returned to Japan to promote their upcoming second Japanese album, "Pink Doll," which is set to be released in Japan on December Chu", [43] and the song was the eighth best selling digital song inaccording to Gaon's year-end chart.

Once again, Apink worked with common collaborator Black Eyed Pilseung for the title track, who had previously produced "Only One".