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Its appearance on a TV program has further added to its popularity, and so they are now preparing family friendly menus.

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You can make reservations by phone, and remember to bring cash as they do not take credit cards. The tell tale sign is a big red semicircular sign hanging outside. If you have ever experienced a Japanese festival, chances are that you have seen a Yakitori stall.

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Once you are a couple of blocks after passing the Police Office, it is on your left, with the restaurant being on the second floor. Everything here was delicious and its meatballs were tender, having been lovingly kneaded a hundred times to attain this texture.


Actually duck was eaten in Japan before chicken was introduced for mass consumption in the Meiji period in the 19th century. Naniwa tomoare online dating owner says each skewer is carefully grilled over charcoal one by one, by doing so the chicken becomes tender and the charcoal adds a delicious smell to it.

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The Tsumura Honten Aigamo ranch is known for its cross breed of kamo wild mallard and the ahiru domestic duck. Just pick up one skewer and take a bite, then the umami of the freshly baked grilled chicken spreads in your mouth.

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When you are in Osaka, you should try to come here and experience authentic Yakitori. Unlike the stalls, when you eat at a restaurant, you can sit down and be more relaxed, so the flavour of high-grade Yakitori stands out even more. When entering the shop, you can see a spacious interior with about 40 zashiki or tatami mat seating.

You will be welcomed by an energetic restaurant staff in a red T-shirt with a headband. I went there with my family, so we ordered all kinds of Yakitori, Kokoro heartKimo liver Tsukune meatballs and Kamameshi rice, chicken, and vegetables boiled together in a small pot.

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Yakitori also goes well with alcohol. The Aigamo meat here is tender and tasty and is known nationally under the Kawachi Duck brand.

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If you like Sake, you can choose the best matching one with the delicious Yakitori from a large selection. The restaurant may be a little crowded on weekends, so I would recommend coming on a weekday.

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Some Yakitori restaurants have thought of various ways of attracting customers, for instance, by using branded chicken and locally grown organic vegetables, or cooking in Sumiyaki style over hot charcoal, as well as the use of distinctive barbecue sauce and healthy side dishes.