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And even before that, the early Governors had ordered musters of convicts and settlers which filled a similar need. Gradually, the government of the colony grew to rely on the information collected by the musters, censuses and other statistical collections in their own right.

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Look at an image of the original record. Inthe report on the census noted The returns shew [the number of Aboriginal people] to be only 1, of whom 40 only were to be found in the houses of Europeans, and 43 were living in tents; indicating that these last are employed by Europeans, shepherding or in other rural occupations.

So despite genuine attempts at coordination, comparable census data eluded the states and hastened the introduction of a commonwealth statistical agency. For example, while some states chose to exclude Aboriginal people in their tables, others included this population. Find your ancestors in the census with the free search available on our website.

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In and the number of rooms in a dwelling was listed, if fewer than five. From onwards there are separate sections for a description of the boundaries of the Nsw census 1891 online dating, and for a list of the streets or dwellings included.

The Founding of Australia. A census is a complete population count for a given area or place santana from glee dating on a specific date.

As South Australia's free settlers included some fleeing religious persecution, the religious question was more controversial there than in the other colonies. When looking at an image, the citation is found on the Information tab at the bottom left of the screen.

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Originally, people were called to a muster by bugle. Given that Governor Phillip was a Naval Captain, it is not surprising that he applied naval methods to keeping track of people within the colony. The second census occurred ina couple of years after Western Australia become a penal settlement.

Endnote 2 The last colonial censuses in The last census run separately by each state of the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia was in Along with these more detailed accounts, amusing incidents were sometimes reported, giving us a flavour of the difficulties and misunderstandings which occurred in this period.

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The original may contain information that was not recorded in the index or transcription. However, in rural areas the only information given still might be the name of the village or parish. Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match.

The questions were similar to the other colonies with the exception of convict status.

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The first separate count for Port Phillip was from the census, when there were only inhabitants. The department and series codes for each census year are: As this was in the time before computers and even before mechanical tabulation, the tables could not simply be rerun in each state to make them comparable.

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This census was also one of the first to count Aboriginal people. Given name and surname Approximate year and place of residence Family relationships.

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Later census years have more information, and each year gives a wonderful snapshot of the family. While these were significant reasons for the inclusion of religion in the census, concerns about the growing numbers of Catholics in the colony was also an issue in this period.

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Unoccupied houses and non-residential properties such as churches and factories are also listed. People in the census The following information on individuals is included in each census year as follows: The classification was drawn up to replace that used sincewhich had been designed primarily for use in health statistics and had been heavily criticised and amended in the United Kingdom.

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Rank, profession or occupation There were specific instructions on recording extra details for several occupations; notably the professions, the armed forces, public servants and anyone involved in agriculture or manufacturing. If your ancestor does not have a common name, collect entries for every person who has the same surname.

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Each year the process of the annual muster became more difficult as the colony grew in size. Although the first Commonwealth Census occurred inthat was not the first census held on Australian soil.

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Missing from other censuses As with the census, you can use our catalogue to search the record series for any other census year to find out about whole parishes or districts that are known to be missing, but compared to there is less detail about odd missing pages.

Relationships from In practice, the head of the household was often the oldest male, but not necessarily. They found it useful for governing and making decisions about the colony.

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In this case the street indexes should list a series of folio references. The difficulty was in variations in tabular presentations such as calculations of groupings and subtle differences in who was included and excluded in the population. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.