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Online dating he lied about his age. Should i lie about my age on my dating profile? | ask metafilter

We do not allow vote manipulation. He looked nothing like his picture. He shows me pictures of the flat he has bought, tells me how much he bought it for, how much it's now worth and about the planning permission for his new extension.

Tinder is purely visual, but irresistible, and I still can't help wondering who's waiting round the corner now I'm in my mids and when I'm on there I get multiple messages from them, pretty much no matter what my profile says.

Dating Sites Lying About Age

Original post more than 48 hours old. The problem is that even putting down that you don't want kids might not solve the problem as the men might want kids, but not for a few years, and not want to discuss it at the beginning of a relationship.

Back when I was doing the online dating thing, I had two women lie to me about their age. It can be fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously Related Articles.

August 12, 8: So loads of people are lying on their Tinder profiles and loads of people are looking for love on Tinder. One friend of mine was even sent a cheery message of introduction from a man with whom she flirt nandina domestica royal princess already had online dating he lied about his age disastrous date via another dating website.

If you lie about your age then you have no cause to feel deceived when your year-old gym-going stockbroker turns out to be a pot-bellied clerk of I was drunk; and when she asked me my age the 5 year underestimation just popped out.

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So this is all a bit of fun right? The full rules for the subreddit can be found on our Wikiplease familiarize online dating he lied about his age with them.

It just came off as so insecure. I arrived and saw his eyes narrow as he tried to work out who the woman grinning and bearing down on him was. But an outright lie would be the wrong start to any meaningful relationship. All of us love to curl up on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a DVD or a VD, as one unfortunately mis-spelled profile said.

But it can be successful for many.

Dating Sites Lying About Age. Why You Should Stop Lying About Your Age on Dating Sites -

I went out with a wonderful woman for seven years who loved Barbra Streisand. One was 35, claiming 33, and looked about early 30s, but still got no bites. None of these things means there's really anything wrong with you, but if you have a dearth of people showing interest, the usual thing is that you need to either be more interesting, look for people who are less picky, or find somewhere to meet people where they'll get to know you more before looking at you as a potential partner.

I wasn't that enamored with one of them so it was just a funny end to a terrible evening but I would've gone on a second date with the other one if it wasn't for that. In fact, based on your return rates, I think the odds favor the idea that you may look one or two years older than you are.

That, unfortunately, screens out a lot of men even on the West Coast. I agree with some of the other comments, try to update your profile first in other ways, experiment with your profile pictures and open yourself up to Match if you want to pay for the service.

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Or, Message The Moderators for all other information. While I don't want to start an argument, I would like to address this, since I am a consequentialist myself.

Eternal youth online — What happened when I started lying about my age on Tinder

Better to find out before you take the time and energy to meet. No questions directed at a single gender or group.

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His picture reflected his current looks. My advice to everyone is to drop these weird dating sites and go out in nature sic! One thing I have found worked well for me in the past is to be so considerate and interesting to my dates that even when a girl and I don't have romantic chemistry, she wants to stay in touch and be friends.

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Being single means never again having to compromise. I don't care about, say, how much a guy makes. What are the chances of two compatible people turning up in the same place at the same time?

Did you choose to remain in the relationship or did you peace out? If this is the case, then when you meet men who are different you will feel a whole hell of a lot better about yourself--and you will have a lot more hope about men in general.

I can't blame them; we're an age-obsessed culture and I'm sure I'd prefer a younger woman if I were in their shoes, especially in NYC, which is particularly youth-obsessed.

I liked his tweet on the latest Marina Rinaldi advertwhich claims that "women are back. You know within two seconds of meeting if there is a spark. Chances are that someone who clicks on your profile based on a fake age will not want to continue the relationship when he finds out the truth.

It's a lie that would make you seem very insecure, which is a turn-off, and it's also a lie that's specifically designed to trick people into dating you, which would piss me off even though I'd otherwise be fine with dating someone your age if I were single.

I did not lie about my age. I think the only guy who would give a huge crap about a couple years is either someone really over-invested in fertility, or is way too serious about the reliability of information in an online dating profile and believes the information provided should be the equivalent of sworn testimony in court.

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I do look younger than my age but then everyone thinks that, don't they? Those little things that can make enough of a difference to stop you from meeting a person you like don't usually stop you from liking a person you meet, if you see what I mean.

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He finally admitted the picture he sent was from almost 20 years ago. I agree with you April. Tinder only allows you to match with people who have set their age parameters to include you.

I'm not like that.

He lied bout his age

It's going to be the start of how you waste the next 3 months of your life on first dates. At any time mods may remove or refer posts to other subs as we deem appropriate, and our decisions are final. He is retired obviouslycomfortably off, and has travelled for his work in construction.

Ask and ye shall hear. Plastic surgery has meant some can go on pretending to look 35 at 55 and an enlarged sense of entitlement means lots of women believe they deserve a nice man to cuddle up to on the sofa and plan city breaks with.

On the other hand, if you're a 34 year old who looks 36 and you pretend to be 32, men are going to instantly notice, and they will be pissed, even if they don't say so openly. So, I send many initial messages to men who interest me.

His approach to online dating was to go into it with an open mind and just enjoy the encounters.

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There are a couple of reasons for this. I didn't like it.

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Usually this results in me being invited to more parties and being introduced to her single female friends, since people like to see their friends get set up with genuinely nice people. He says each of the women lied about their age and their photos were clearly out of date.

I'm in no hurry, which also makes it a lot more fun. If I value a relationship or a friendship based upon trust and honesty, how can I ask for that if I tell a lie first thing out of the gate?

To the OP, and other women in NY and similar areas struggling to find dates, it may pay off to relocate to a region with a surplus of single men. I have a lot of single women friends in similar big cities who've been looking for a relationship for years without finding anyone decent.

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