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So, just listen to the answers but do not take them for real or let them affect your thinking. It is believed that doing so might allow the spirit to escape from the board. Show Respect Spirits are known to easily take offense when humans break protocol, knowingly or not.

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There must be no flaw in closing the Ouija board after having used it, as the spirit might still be present and it might have a negative hochzeitskleider mit spitze online dating on your life.

Do not use a Ouija board in your home.

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Here is everything else you need to know before you fire up the auto-dialer. Take your fingers off the planchette immediately. The location you use should be ideally dark and free of background noise. Try not to decipher the words ouija board 5 rules for dating the planchette moves.

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It is not something to be taken lightly, and should be used with the utmost care and responsibility. Perhaps it has something to do with strength in numbers and psychic prowess, or the possibility of being driven crazy as you experiance the spirit alone. The indication of a spirit being contacted is given by the planchette moving to the four corners of the board.

Never use a Ouija board alone. Yet another important rule of the Ouija board is to say a proper goodbye.

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Some Other Rules Have respect towards any spirit which you come across. The place where it was done …. It is believed to move on the board and spell out the spirit's message. Mention nothing which relates to God. Zozo has been identified as a malevolent spirit. Also a lot of hair fall was noticed and dermatologist had no explanation for it….

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So, be at home and play safe. It is also important that you respond after the whole message has been conveyed.

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Most people who use the board are not wishing to reach evil spirits but rather more often departed love ones or friendly spirits. Many experienced users vouch for placing a silver coin on the board. A male and female pair is always considered ideal for playing this game. Ouija Board Rules Do you want to try out some spooky stuff?

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I always thought and can be possible, this ritual is similar to the conjuration of deity or a demon in various religions and then unsummoning him with blessings and peace. You are already playing a spooky game, so there is no need to choose a spooky place, like a graveyard or a place where a death has occurred, as it might result in undesirable manifestations.

Nobody wants to spend their evening slowly spelling out a poorly reasoned diatribe against fiat currency.

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But tempted to find out me and my group of 4 friends started on a minor experimentwhich turned a big time experiance for all of us…. Read up on what can happen when you use a ouija board before you use a ouija board. Remember what you do not understand can and will hurt you.

This can do more damage than simply leaving it untouched in a closet.

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For best results, try asking close-ended questions which require answers in 'yes' or 'no'. Even wearing a silver locket around the neck serves as a weapon against evil spirits.

From the list above it is foreshadowing the countless divisions and cultural understandings that have evolved over the endless decades. If you are experiencing depression, it may be good to avoid using a Ouija board.

21 Ouija Board Rules Everyone Needs To Know Before They Start Playing

The mid s saw the invention of the Ouija board as a means of parlor game. Two of us met with accidents, not severe ones but though minor, were very coincidental considering the past happenings. Darken the room and turn off any electronic appliances to minimize distractions and to improve reception.

It is also known as a talking or a spirit board. More From Thought Catalog. That kind of energy draws in malevolent spirits.

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At all time you should take the use of the board seriously. If you wan more tips on Ouija board rules, download our app now. This subject is not for everyone and I can appreciate that.

Set the Mood Before beginning a session, dim or turn off all electric lamps and light at least one white candle in the room. So jot them down, follow them well, and have a spooky time with your friends in the silence of the night. Even without the knowledge of how to control the situation many unexpected things may happen.