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House-turned cafe Toodz House is a good option to meet with friends or to catch up with work. For Kopi Nakula they use milk with hazelnut flavor and ice cubed coffee in a glass. Photo by Ardy Muswardi Ninotchka Coffee Do you really have the heart to finish your coffee with a cat-shaped latter art in front peta jalan cipete raya dating you?

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Cipaku I, South Jakarta If you are a typical coffee addict who only needs a shot of coffee at home, you can also order the coffee via online ojek online taxi bike through an application. Enjoying your local coffee while surrounded by coffee bean jars of coffee varieties from all around Indonesia is definitely an experience.

Cipete Raya is also a haven for coffee lovers. Meanwhile, fashionistas may want to visit Khanaan, a modest wear brand that was featured in Arab Fashion Week Toodz House also serves various dishes such as carbonara rice and spaghetti tuna matah.

This is one of the happening coffee shops to visit around Jakarta. As the demand of coffee shop goers grows and cafes pop up like mushroom after rain, there are many maybe too many to choose from.

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What to middle term splitting online dating Tucked behind buildings on Jl. With the sauces served will make this menu complete.

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If you like selfie this restaurant is very well suited for you, because there are many very beautiful spots for you to take photos. You name it, they have it, from Arabica, Robusta to Liberica.

In the same building, visitors can also find wooden furniture by local brand Kekayuan, as well as furniture by TRE Studio. Kopikina is out to present the best coffee from all over Indonesia.

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Where to stay Little Amaroossa Residence provides rooms, a restaurant and bar, gym and meeting rooms. Photo by Isti Toko Kopi Aroma Nusantara Hidden among hundreds of stores at the 4th Floor of Mall Ambassador in Kuningan, this place is a good respite after walking around and getting lost at this massive mall.

If you have known this restaurant before, surely you know this restaurant built a new building that is located right next to the old building. If you a signature coffee taste from Tuku Kopi, you should try the Kopi Tetangga.

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It is owned by Hendri Kurniawan, one of World Barista Championship Judge and this coffee kiosk opens based on their stock of coffee. Cipete Raya, Kedai Halaman, serves Indonesian dishes.

With the vast amount of choices, choosing the best coffee place for yourself is no easy feat. It is a good place for those who want to relax with friends or to catch up with work.

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For service here is very good, the waiter is very friendly and very spry when we need it. So, want to know more about this restaurant?

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I really liked the salmon that was served very tender and spices very tasted. The coffee signature from Bakoel Koffie belongs to black coffee made with the hereditary recipe from the founder.

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As evidenced by the park is in the area of this restaurant very green and produce fresh air. Previously you will see many old people here enjoying their coffee as usual but now, young people flock here to taste the original coffee since the colonial days of Indonesia.

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They do not profit but instead use what the people pay to purchase the coffee beans and restart the cycle. Tips -Call prior to visiting Epilogue. It mainly serves homemade-style cooking, such as fried or grilled chicken, chicken soup, as well as fried tofu or tempe fermented soybeans.

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For coffee taste is good, and is perfect for you for coffee lovers to try this. And still the same as before this menu is also a favorite here. The salon offers services for both ladies and gentlemen on separate floors, with services such as the aforementioned creambath, haircut, hair spa, body massage and facial services.

It is located in Central Jakarta and the best thing is that they only brew original coffee from Indonesia like Aceh, Toraja, Manggarai, and Malabar coffee. Both are presented the same and the same size too.