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Kiu Sum, her son's policeman phillip ng admits dating linda chung and ruco, refuses to marry Mui after their son's birth, and in a blaze of anger, Mui destroys her son's Hong Kong birth certificate and moves back to her hometown in FoshanChina.

Not only Chung's acting was praised by public, but she and her co-star Bosco Wong were gaining high popularity to be the new screen couple. Additionally, the actress also commented that most romance-themed series lack depth these days and thus, she is more interested in portraying a love story that is heartfelt and profound.

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She was praised by Kelly Chen for her sweet face and voice the day before this pageant. Chung, who is rumoured to be five months pregnant, was wearing a loose dress and a wedding ring when she appeared with TVB actor Ruco Chan at stage shows in San Franciso and Las Vegas, said Apple Daily.

First, she appeared as a cool bowling coach initially. Inher third album, My Private Selectionwas released on 25 March. When asked on the reason for the decrease in opportunities, the actor simply commented that he leaves it to TVB to arrange his work.

He is mature and loving, and also gentle and considerate to me. The simple-minded Son serves as a foil to Sam's guileful character. In addition, her relation line with Tse has gained her more public exposure and was the topic of popular discussion.

He is a mature, full of care, loves the god and caring towards me.

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Despite the age gap, Chung stated that their oriente e ocidente yahoo dating developed due to similar interests and understanding of one another. She herself spoke about the many new challenges she faced while portraying her character.

Thank you for protecting me and many arrangements since the beginning of the relationship. Son's story from rags to riches is also inspired by the real-life story of Leong Chan-kuong, the owner of Macau's most famous bakery shop, Koi Kei [8] Moses Chan was originally cast for the role of Son, which was announced simultaneously with Ruco Chan's casting in the late summer of Mui gave birth to her first-born, Kiu Tin-seng, in Hong Kong during the late s.

The series spans from to The peak number of viewers are in brackets. In order to avoid his abusive father Fu-shingSon works with his mother Yuk-mui at a restaurant. Macau's Koi Kei Bakery is a major sponsor for the serial.

On Doubanthe serial received a rating of 7. Lastly, thank you to god for letting me to know Jeremy and please give us your blessings to our marriage. He has a girlfriend named Rachel Cheuk Linda Chung whom he is willing to do anything to fulfill her dreams of opening a fashion store.

As for the other rumours, I will not respond to each and every one. Bobby Au Yeung wondered Chung do not know dancing as he had watched she played hula hoop, he mentioned Chung was so hard-working and serious in practicing dancing.

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In addition, Sam also has an ambiguous relationship with a triad member named Keung Yung Louis Cheung who later caused Sam to end up in jail. And if both sides lack understanding, they would need to rethink and communicate before making a decision — which seemed to be a reflection on her love life.

Despite her parent's objections, Rachel insists to date Sam. Chung announced her pregnancy on Mother's Day Stars ShineChung's music company, compiled and released a second edition of the album, removing one song and including the theme song of her currently airing series Missing You.

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When it was nearly came to an end, Law Sir's undercover identity was finally revealed, Miss Koo was collapsed since she has been deceived by Law Sir and her sister Queenie Chu 's character.

Critical response[ edit ] Brother's Keeper has received generally positive reviews from critics. Sam is regarded as the serial's main tragic hero. She spoke about her battle with depression after joining the entertainment industry.

Brother's Keeper is Chan's sixth collaboration with producer Wong. Yet, the two artistes have never sparred their acting skills in a drama before.

After Chung and actor Philip Ng ended their eight-year romance two years ago, her sister fixed her up with Jeremy and the actress met her future husband, who has a clinic, when she was visiting her family in Vancouver, the report said.

Filming[ edit ] A costume fitting press conference was held on 19 Septemberand principal photography began in Hong Kong in late September The reports are false.

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Her professional attitude and acting were praised by Cilla KungXia Yu and Steven Maespecially Ma mentioned she was still maintaining the purity of heart and having progress in her acting continually. Since we met, we have found that we have values, faiths and endless topics in common.

Next, Miss Koo seems to be a melting glacier as she was affected by Law Sir Moses Chan 's characterthis made the audience pay enthusiastic attention on their sweet and emotional scenes. It was reported that she delivered her first child on August 23, in Canada. Sum does not wish to acknowledge his relationship with Sam in public, which indirectly influenced Sam's decision to become a cop.

Her outstanding performance from intimidating by hamsters to injuring magician and Lee, gained much appreciated by the public, and again having widespread media coverage and discussion of internet forums.

Zau Jukmui — Sam and Son's mother. Chung has already succeeded in entering the films industry, [97] the same year as Kate Tsui. Their segment was the most popular episode in the whole set although broadcast on Saturday, gained up to 28 points in rating. The broadcast time though is determined by the company and not within an artiste's control.

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Production relocated to Macau on 21 November Chung was one of the first cast members of Brother's Keeper that was announced in mid Ankie Beilke as Michelle Fabio — one of Sam's love interests. Hope you will protect my husband Jeremy as well and understand that he does not know how to face the media.

The lives of the two brothers, Sam and Son began to change after they meet up again. I have no reply to other rumours now and please give me some privacy.