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Rachel nichols and victor webster dating alyssa, rachel nichols and victor webster talk continuum season 1 finale

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Plus the sci-fi genre is fascinating and wonderful because it really allows us to do so many different things. His choreography is so interesting. I personally don't think it's going to happen just because that would emrata dating simulator - the catch phrase of the first season is "It's complicated" and Kiera and Erik together would be really extremely complicated not to mention the fact that he's got to be, what, ten years, more than ten years, you know, 15 years younger than Kiera or something so I don't know.

I loved all of the characters from the very beginning and they just immediately started casting Liber8 and the rest of the police force, Inspector Dillon and Eric up in Vancouver. Fraser reunite with his wife, and I think the ending of episode two is one of my favorite chunks of the first season.

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So unless Simon is going to surprise me and tell me that I end up with Alec Sadler from some period in time that I visit I would say no. Obviously Kimani has done some great fight scenes. Victor Webster and Leilani Dowding.

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That really helps keep the show kind of connected within the varying factions. But their relationship, like many other relationships of Victor, didn't last even a year. Those are some things that stand out to me.

I'm busy enough worry about Kiera in the present day.

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So it was a very interesting, unorthodox process for me but thrilling at the same time and very fast. That sort of trifecta is very hard to come by. But, you know, everything from meeting my grandmother played by Katie Findlay in episode five or episode eight when I kind of go robo-Kiera, those three moments that I chose are very different but they're all favorite moments just because they really stand out in my memory.

It's something that Erik and I talk a lot about.

Victor Webster

He finds the things you can do well and he really, really choreographs around that and makes you look really good. Shauna Duggins [a true star in the stunt world] doubled me in G. What was that experience like for the gifted and engaging Maine native? So it all happened really, really fast.

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But wait, there's more! Information comes to light, people make alliances, people split up and break connections and so a lot of the positioning of these characters comes down to how they're going to control not only their lives in the present but also in the future.

Keira is accidentally thrown back with them and realizes that, as much as she wants to get back, her ability to get home is inextricably tied to stopping this group from executing their mission.

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Well, that includes having a good time with all the beautiful ladies as well. That Monday I was on a plane to Vancouver for six months. The series centers on a detective Rachel Nichols from the year who becomes trapped in present-day Vancouver, searching for criminals who have escaped from the future.

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With money and fame comes an opportunity to have too much fun in this world. And so I knew that there was a much deeper reservoir than people appreciated and the fact that we could be set in Canada was just a bonus, really.

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We closed the deal just prior to the holidays and suddenly I was moving to Vancouver for five months on January 5th Liber8 manages to, through a conspiracy, put together a prison break.

Carlos Fonnegra was even more sudden. And with Rachel and Victor anchoring the show the way they do they set the bar high. My team was absolutely, completely onboard and they loved the script and they loved the fact that a friend of mine had found it and we just went full steam ahead and it happened very, very quickly.

And I love the moments between Rachel and I when I'm dying in the last episode and I've been shot and great emotional moments, episode seven when we were out on the balcony of the police precinct and having this heart-to-heart conversation about trust and partnership.

Those are some great scenes. And I think that's kind of the goal of the show is to allow for people to take sides and see the truth and the meaning that is relevant to them.