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Rudra the fire hot flirty. Sexy love scene from rudra the fire bengali film

Sexy Love Scene from Rudra -the Fire- Bengali Film

Omkara is also a businessman, rather than an artist, who help Shivaay due to the lack of family members. Then enters Bhavya Pratap Rathore, a police officer, who is undercover as a shy and simple girl and uses Rudra in one of her operations.

Tia, who initially does not reveal herself to be Svetlana and Saumya's sister, tries to marry Shivaay. Rudra is a supermodel who uses his fame and money as an excuse for everything he does.

Shivaay is a reputable businessman who does not believe in love and plans to get married to Tia Kapoor, on his mothers insistence. Even when she made her re-entry into the show, she is shown to only want Rudra's love and willing to go to any means for him.

Saumya, the last Kapoor sister, was initially introduced as a family friend, and was a good character. The brothers constant enemy happens to be the Kapoor sisters, who reveal to be Svetlana, Tia, and Saumya. Gauri's inability to properly say Hindi and English words alike, is part of her charm.

She is constantly stressed about paying for Drumma boy advice dating college tuition, Sahil's medications, and house rent, with no help from her aunt. New Story Arc[ edit ] The story takes a different kind of leap, where an author and public speaker, takes them back to where the story started, Anika and Shivaay's first meeting, and changes their life, by not having them meet there.

Both Svetlana and Saumya are sent to jail, while Tia is reunited with Dushyant and goes on to have a child with him. Although Shivaay and Anika do not get married under the perfect circumstances, they eventually fall in love and constantly prove to be the perfect couple and example for their younger siblings.

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Rudra is the youngest brother and practically the baby of the family. Shivaaygets married to Anika, an orphan who has been adopted by a family with a physically disabled son, Sahil. Bhavya and Rudra also meet, but it is shown that Rudra likes to use his money and fame for wrong deeds, which irks Bhavya.

After few incidents Shivaay realizes Daksh's truth and Priyanka also gets up from coma, Shivaay publicly exposes Daksh and asks forgiveness from Anika.

On the day of Daksh and Priyanka's marriage, Daksh runs away being blackmailed by Anika. Although Shivaay and Anika meet, they are shown to have a rocky relationship due to Shivaay's lack of trust in women.

She eventually turns good after Dushyant turns up alive, and not loving Shivaay. But Shivaay does not listen to her. His initial love interest is Saumya Kapoor, a family friend of the Oberoi's.

Shakti is married to Pinky and has two children with her, Shivaay, the eldest grandson, and Priyanka. Priyanka goes to look for him and meets with an accident and eventually leads to be in coma. Anika soon finds out who her parents were, Vardhan Trivedi and his wife, who also died in the Oberoi factory incident.

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She is eventually jailed. Shivaay and Anika get close when the latter is hired by Shivaay's sister Priyanka as a wedding planner.

Svetlana reveals that her parents were killed in an accident at one of the Oberoi's factory and therefore the sisters seek revenge from their family. Shivaay hold Annika responsible and marries her forcefully. Gauri and Omkara meet and instantly hit it off.

Omkara is originally an artist who loved the concept of love, who also becomes a businessman after he goes through a tragic time in his life. Synopsis[ edit ] The story is about three brothers of the Oberoi family - Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra who share an unbreakable bond despite their dysfunctional family.

It is revealed the incident that constantly haunts Shivaay is that Pinky killed Shakti after learning about his affair and then killed herself. In a drunken state, Rudra and Saumya get married, but Rudra constantly rejects Saumya's love and she exits the show.

Gauri knows nothing of the incident, and Anika struggles to make ends meet due to lack of job. Saumya comes back to get Rudra back, but Bhavya and Rudra get married.

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Dadi has two sons named Tej and Shakti. Gauri brings out the artist in him once again and eventually wins his love.

Initially Omkara hates Gauri and believes her to be a gold digger. When Tej and Jhanvi get back together, she tries her talents with Omkara, but does not succeed.

Anika also gets to know that Daksh is having a relationship with another girl Payel and is going to be a father of her child. Eventually Rudra and Bhavya fall in love, but their age difference proves to be their problem.

Plot[ edit ] The family consists of Kalyani Dadi, the matriarch of the family and is always there to give advice to her children and grandchildren.

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Annika gets molested by Daksh and she tries to bring his true colours in front of Shivaay but in vain. The show follows the bond between the brothers and then shifts to the bonds the brothers have with their significant others.

He gets married to Gauri Kumari Sharma, a bubbly girl he meets in Bareilly. It is also revealed that Gauri is Anika's long-lost sister, Chutki. Anika and Gauri live with their aunt, Sahil's mother, who hates them both due to their mother, as she left their father for another man. He has ambitions or goals in life and loves to work out and party.

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Tej is married to Jhanvi and has two children with her, Omkara and Rudra. Both Tia and Daksh are bankrupt and are marrying the oberoi siblings only for money.

Right after Bhavya and Rudra's wedding, it is revealed she is the secret third sister of the Kapoor family and was used as their secret weapon.

Svetlana initially is Omkara and Rudra's father, Tej's mistress.

Rudra Bhakti

But then denies to accept her his wife. The entire family hates her and she is the reason for Tej and Jhanvi's rocky marriage. In this new story, Shivaay is a stoic, no-nonsense businessman who is still hurting after his parents death. It is later revealed that she used to date a man named Dushyant, whom she believes died because of Anika and Shivaay.