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Brett from The Sun Also Rises. Innes Lorenz from Shadow Hearts. Has pretensions of French classiness, but in reality mostly spends her time getting incredibly drunk, failing to notice Kaz flirting with her, and sexually harassing Big Boss over the radio.

One of the available quests is acquiring more booze after she drinks it all. She nearly always has a beer in her hand and is a happy drunk. Caroline from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist fits this down to a t, so much so that she has favorite spots for throwing up throughout New York.

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Lindsay Funke is implied to have been like this sometime before her marriage, and attempts to get back into it when pursuing her open marriage, but she just gets severe hangovers, hoarse voice from all the cheeringand perturbing the men around her for her trouble, when her confidence doesn't just fail from the outset.

She even managed to outdrink him. Ciaran used to be one. She even hands her two female Bridge BunniesChristina and Feldtbottles of alcohol while they're working on ship systems checks in one episode. How popular is Dr.

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Karen from various Harvest Moon games. Kouta refers to this as "Nympho mode" and at one point describes Nympho mode Minayo as being "sex incarnate".

Sandra Lee husband Dr. Missandei is not one yet anyway.

Visual Novels Haruko from AIRalthough she turns out to be not so careless after all, and is drinking her problems away and being irresponsible because being a good parent might activate Misuzu's curse and kill the poor girl slowly and painfully. I know this is not technically pimple popping BUT I get many questions about these She'll channel her ppcig online dating behaviour into playful teasing of the lead male if there is oneor even the other female characters!

But games after that, that are based off the Lighter and Fluffier Playstation version, still keep it. Linsee from Pocket God likes to get drunk on fermented coconut milk. One famous myth involves Sekhmet or Hathor Depending on the Writerin a fit of bloodlust, wanting to kill and devour the entire human race.

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Zooey Deschanel 's character Kit in Failure to Launch seems a paradigmatic example of this trope. Kate from The Moviegoer is an aversion of this trope when she's finally introduced. To the point where she'd rather spend her limited money on sake over food, and watering down sake in front of her is enough to provoke a fight from her.

She often draws others in. The idea was that she would get more stability after hanging out with the guys.

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Only a bit of a Misato expy. Kana from My Lovely Ghost Kana certainly qualifies. Chloe from Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 is an echt-example, down to being a major Trickster.

She used to go to "all the royal parties and wild drunken festivities" before she and Rose escaped St. As she describes herself: Sandra Lee's LTclip Channel at: Downing brewskies is Jun's favorite pastime when she isn't biking, or squaring off in the ring.

Revy fits the bill as well. The result is poor Tessa wandering around the base drunk, half-asleep, and half-naked. Among the main characters May grow up to become Lady Drunk.

In no time at all she becomes an expert at all the alcoholic delights an alien planet has to offer. Might have been a Big Eater when young. In that one episode she was shown running out to parties in the middle of the night and coming back completely hammered.

I get a lot of questions at the office, on my LTclip Channel - Dr. Though Seiji lives on his ownhis big sister, Rin, is such a habitual drinker that she keeps the fridge at his house stocked with beer Her secretary, Rei, however, is one and, as we can tell, she is rarely sober, which gets her in trouble, especially when she skips out on AA the which of she was drunk enough to miss.

In Blood Promise, she returns to this type of behavior to a self-destructive degree, which is the result of Avery Lazar's influence on her.

Yukino-sensei from Brass Restoration is always shown carrying around a bottle of sake, which she sometimes uses as a weapon. Penny in the series proper has a little bit of this but it is done in a way to simply contrast the guys.

It's her way of dealing with living Just Before the Endas lethal radiation steadily progresses from the northern hemisphere where there was a nuclear war to her home area, Melbourne, Australia. Hopefully this channel will show you a "window into my world" as a dermatologist.


She parties and drinks for the fun and social status, induces vomiting to mitigate the effects of the alcohol, and avoids eating to offset the calories consumed while drinking. Oh, and a side of Sociopathic Hero heroic-ish Her idea of a good afternoon is sitting on the roof and drinking sake out of the bottle.

Meryl in Rose Guns Days runs on alcohol and is damn proud of it. In one episode Ryuji even makes a comment about how many liquor bottles she has in her room.