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Most reputable creators say what tool they made the item with in their credits. Well, I for example have one Sim who rents his spare bedroom.

This is compatible with awesome but you don't need it to run. People concerned about bugged content should try to steer away from old content and any content that was made using s4pe. First of all I apologize for having the dumbest bug in the history of mankind in my mod.

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While a lot of people quite liked this strange feature, sims 4 dating bug out bag turns out that it was in-fact a bug, and wasn't meant to be taking place - since it implied that the men were "woowooing," as the Sims calls it, with the aliens that were abducting them. It damaged quite a bit of custom content when people saved thumbnails to their.

This bug caused some CC hairs to crash on computers that had certain video cards. I do not answer these PMs. Since you have a strong objection to bugged stuff check the date and the tool the item was made with.

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I also use them when I want to give my kids money when they move uttu and sana still dating after a year. It isn't difficult to check the date on a. You can click the magnifying glass to see the archive contents Size.

For all the people who created the tools I used, s3pe, s3oc In TS2 when I needed Sims to have individual funds, separated from the household funds, I used to give them certain decorative objects that had the value of the money I wanted them to have as their own.

You'll find the money bags in the hobbies section of buy mode. Or if I want a Sims to save up for something specific to buy and don't want to accidentally loose the money when paying bills or buying food.

The new version has been tested in English, Finnish and Danish. Add an image May 1, - 1: When clicking the money bag in game to cash it, a big number like 10 will be formatted correctly even if the title has it without formatting. Back to Top Post by orangemittens on Jul 12, Sims 4 male pregnancy bug patched out That tool wasn't then, and is not now, able to consistently make game safe content.

Every day that the tenant comes from work, I change her wage to moneybags or as close as I canand then on Monday I cash in the amount of money for the weeks rent.

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Change the buy value of the money bag with s3oc. If you want something and the creator didn't say what it was made with just ask 'em before downloading.

The value of the money bag will degrease when bought and you go to play mode, but only if sold through drag and drop. A second reason was because many CC creators, in the absence of a better tool, were using s4pe to make their thumbnails with.


Those who don't mind giving it a shot should put that single item in their game to test it before trusting it. Jul 12, Fortunately then, or unfortunately if you were hoping that EA and Maxis had stopped screwing things up, it turns out that the male pregnancy feature is still in the game and now appears to happen randomly.

For Kolipoki and his object modding tutorial. The value of the money bag is now read from the title of the object. The first is that the game itself had a bug which EA acknowledged and has since fixed. I'v changed all titles so they now include the value.

It wasn't a pretty system, but it worked and as long as you put the object into the inventory on the day of the purchase, it's value stayed the same. The abduction rate has also been reduced, so players spend less time with their sims off on the other side of the galaxy being molested, and more time working.

That's not only a case of inter-species sexual activity, but a mix of rape and Stockholm syndrome as well. As most bugs are, this one has now been squashed, so it's much harder for it to happen now. But things got even stranger with the latest expansion pack, "Get to Work," as men who were abducted by the aliens added to the game, could often come back with a little something extra in tow: I think this will save some amount of annoyance Last Edit: So why would you need to have separated funds for individual Sims?

The new system means that you can easily now change the money bag value if you want it to be something else than the five values I'v given you.

If the creator won't say then give the item a miss. AD85 for noticing my bug and helping me find the language changer program.

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So to get around this problem, I cloned the moneybags. There are 5 different money bags valued 10, 50,and 10 simoleans. In TS3 however, the value of an object will decrease the moment you go from buy mode to play mode, and on top of that, not all objects can be placed into the inventory.