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Sew a running stitch around edge of Flower centre, place central stadium aktobe dating inside and pull tightly to enclose button.

Using 4mm needles and yarn A cast on 69 sts? These 14 rows make 1 line of daffodil stitch.

Care for a Cuppa Crochet? 10 Free Tea Cozy Patterns!

Lay strands flat and tie them together securely around middle. The lower line, Orange, 2nd line, Burnt Orange, 3rd line, Gold, 4th line Daffodil Yellow, 5th line Primrose, edging each line with one row of green, and finishing the top with green.

The following directions are for a five-cup tea-pot. Join in Navy and pattern 8 rows.

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Another beautiful cozy from this talented designer! Follow author 0 The Australian Swaggie Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern is a great project of a tea cosy with 8 pages to the pattern to complete. Materials For cosy in one color with contrasting edges, 2 oz. K1, [p1, k1] to end.

Australian Swaggie Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

Taking care not to cut ties, trim neatly to make a pompom of desired size. Repeat to end of row. Work about 8 leaves and arrange in pretty cluster at toP If a lining is desired cast on 50 stitches and knit in garter stitch for depth of 4 lines of daffodils, then decrease by knitting 2 stitches together in every second row at three regular intervals for the remainder.

A great basic pattern — looks nice as is, and is ripe for your own embellishments! Love the clean lines of the stitching here! Join in green for second line of daffodils.

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Continue in this manner until 5 rows of daffodils are worked, or required depththen cast off as follows: If desired it may be carried out in one color, with edgings of contrasting, or, a charming idea is to commence at the lower edge with a darker shade, and work each of four succeeding lines of daffodil pattern in a shade lighter, i.

He has a corked hat and a billy to make tea over a fire. Tamara Kelly 16 Comments Whether you call them cozies or cosies, tea pot covers range from the practical to the whimsical — and they always put a smile on your face!

He is wearing a red neckerchief. Kindly transcribed for Knitting-and.

Floral Knitted Tea Cosy

Rep Rows twice more, then Rows once? A basic pattern with instructions for dressing it up or down! This pattern is in the public domain. Note Yarn amounts are based on average requirements and are therefore approximate.

The Prettiest Tea Cozies to Crochet – 24 free patterns – Grandmother's Pattern Book

Beschreibung ausblenden The Australian Swaggie Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern is a great project of a tea cosy with 8 pages to the pattern to complete. Break off yarn and thread end through remaining sts, pull up tightly and secure. Australian Swaggie tea cosy is an old unkempt fellow, with his bed rolled up on his back and his belongings in a bindle slung over his shoulder.

Rep last row 17 times more Cut yarn, leaving a tail Thread tail of yarn on to a tapestry needle.

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To make up With wrong sides together, using mattress stitch and Navy, join first 3 row-ends from each piece together, miss next 30 row-ends for handle and spout openings then join remaining row-ends with Pink.

Repeat last 2 rows, once more - 3 sts. Love the ridged chevrons, bright colors, and buttons! Rep Rows 9 and 10 twice more Cut yarn C and pick up yarn B? February 4, By: