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A higher strand count for the same gauge size will result in added flexibility. Therefore, MIL-Spec wire is built as per the military specifications.

Specially designed for extreme conditions Used for shielding and protective covering purposes Applied for high-reliability where physical and environmental requirements exist 4. The stranded copper is for flexibility and the tin is for easier soldering.

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PVC wire is a lot more specific but still has a few variations based on voltage, amps and flexibility. On the other hand, a solid strand of copper will be much less flexible and suited for applications that need the wire to hold its form. Thermal strippers are helpful for very small gauge Teflon insulated transformer, trimpot, etc.

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The geometry of teflon hook up wire die notches may be the reason this stripper works so well with Teflon, and the Ideal, Klein, etc. Further, at the temperatures Teflon insulation is extruded and cured, individually tinned strands would create a wrestling finisher online dating effectively soldered together to make a solid wire.

These folks believe they can actually hear teflon hook up wire improvement when audio equipment is constructed with Teflon wire. Silver plating can withstand higher temperatures for longer periods of time than can conventional tinning.

A well broken-in pair works even better than a brand new pair.

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Most authorities recommend expensive automatic stripping tools with special Teflon insulation cutting dies installed.

Teflon wire The PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene coatings guard copper wire strands against external contaminants and also make sure the maximum performance of the wire. This is of course utter nonsense, but they sure buy a bunch of Teflon wire, thus driving up the surplus prices. The copper underneath the insulation is usually different based on how flexible you want the wire to be.

The wire is mainly intended for the hardest conditions. Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire is fairly immune to tarnish, but sometimes it is necessary to cut off and discard an inch or two if discoloration is seen at the end. Long experience has shown that solid hook-up wire fails long before stranded wire, probably because of vibration during transport more than anything else.

For the most part, the well logging industry has adopted the color code scheme used by the military.

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One relatively inexpensive simple stripper is as good as or better than any of the high priced models. A common complaint heard about Teflon wire is that it is hard to strip.

Mil-Spec wire Mil-Spec wire is a wire formed in accordance with military terms. Teflon wire PTFE insulated wires are unique wiring solutions for activities that include corrosive environments and high temperatures.

An alternative theory holds that these failures are related to solder wicking up the silver plated wire strands, but proper stripping seems to eliminate most of the failures.

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The wire is the conductivity between the two sources. The price is affected accordingly when voltage or temperature ratings increase. So this article will discuss the different types and how they differ from each other.

Expensive and Worth It Teflon insulated wire is expensive, several times more expensive than ordinary PVC insulated wire. Stripping Woes Only stranded wire should be used in well logging electronics. However, improperly stripped nicked stranded Teflon wire often fails at the connection point.

Unfortunately, the wire manufacturing industry has never established standards for color shades; actual wire colors vary over a wide range. At high temperatures, and over time, tin plating or solder tinning can dissolve into the underlying copper wire, leaving a surface that is difficult to solder.


The military wire may be employed in high-frequency electronic applications where high temperatures will reasonably be found. It also has silver plated copper strands which helps protect the copper from the high temperatures as well.

McMaster-Carr currently has the 7E for around ten bucks as their part number K One manufacturer's published literature states the cost is eight to ten times as great. Unfortunately, in recent years, the audiophile community has driven surplus Teflon wire prices up considerably.

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Use of garden variety Ideal, Klein, etc. There has been less agreement historically within the logging industry over the numbering scheme for the multi-colored striped wires.

Contact us if you need information on where to buy bulk Teflon wire at bargain prices. Temperature, voltage and the environmental conditions are the main pieces of the puzzle when determining which type of wire will best suit your application.

Further, Teflon wire is available in the surplus marketplace, though not all wire gauges, stranding options, or insulation colors may be available at any given time.


Freshly stripped Teflon wire is truly beautiful with its white silver luster. A small part of AnaLog's collection of Teflon insulated wire.

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Fortunately, there are reputable vendors with good quality Teflon wire at half or less the cost of the big boys Belden, et al. Some of the Teflon wire insulation colors can be very pretty, almost with a glowing or neon quality.

Mil-Spec wire This sort of wires is the best for asking military electronic applications.

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Interestingly, because of the difficulty in extruding long runs of Teflon insulation, the mil spec allows a large spool of Teflon insulated wire to be made up of several spliced pieces the hydraulic extrusion rams can only hold so much Teflon material, thus limiting the maximum uninterrupted producible length.

These gizmos cost a small fortune, we hate their cumbersome action, and they do not always do such a great job. Because of unique chemical, electrical and thermal characteristics, the Teflon insulated lead wire finds application in a lot of industries such as telecommunication, thermal power station, navigation, flight simulators and much more.

It also acts as a lubrication to help push the wire through conduit.

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Try eBay for small quantities at decent prices. But silver plated wire tarnishes just like silverware ; it should not be stored near sources of sulfur fumes such as cardboard, paper, rubber bands, etc.