Do you know Toki Wartooth from Dethklok Do you know Toki Wartooth from Dethklok

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The lessons prove to be ineffective as Toki is more interested in making friends with the old man than actually practicing his guitar.

As the series progresses his voice becomes higher and his accent more obvious.


While Toki struggles with this, his bandmates take over much of the Zazz Blammymatazz reunion project. In the first season his voice was a lower tone, his accent less obvious and the 's' inconsistency was rarer.

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Toki in turn states their success brought him a sense of family that he never felt before. When Toki finally usurps a much anticipated solo at a Scandinavian Ice Festival, Skwisgaar warns him, "De audience ams a fickles mistress, Toki. This same rabbit appears again in the next episode, Snakes N' Barrels IIas a ghostly image created by the side-effects of Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake, which transforms into a monster at the same time as Toki loses his cool.

After some soul-searching and words of advice from Pickles and Nathan, he flees from his "ladymate" and returns to Mordhaus to partake in his birthday present.

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Though his bandmates disapprove of the clown, Toki's more accepting nature leads him to give the clown a chance. Unlike the other band intimidating looking people up by phone, Toki's animal form is shown wearing the skins of several dead rabbits.

They attempt to prove themselves by starting Murdertooth Records with the Nu Metal band Get Thee Hencehowever, Toki fouls up any chance to gain writer's credits when he fills out the songwriting contracts in Norwegian. When Skwisgaar discovers Toki with Dimneld, he is infuriated and threatens to ban Toki from Dethklok.

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He is the only one to openly admit he misses Charles during his extended absence, something he confides in Pickles. The band holds a large concert to celebrate Toki's recovery, and Nathan proclaims Toki as a brother.

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Rockzo for drug money, he angrily confronts the clown on the set of Murderface and Knubbler's live holiday special. He scolds them for being shallow and seeks the help of a dating agency, however, the agency matches him with a woman so unappealing he starts to question his own values.

He arrives late to the audition, just as the band was about to accept Skwisgaar as the only guitarist.

He lived on the streets with just his guitar, having no food, money, or shelter.

Toki Wartooth

When he realizes the gifts have been pawned by Dr. When Charles finds the band he comforts Toki and disciplines him regarding his hitting habit. He struggles to overcome his past and attempts to fulfill his father's dying wish, however, just as Toki forgives his father and lays him to rest at his birthplace, he slips and the old man slides into the icy lake below.

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He runs to meet her only to find she has just died, leading him to blame himself for her death. Rockzo and Toki drunkenly crash an important dinner with Dethklok's record executives. He takes this in stride, stating, "They should makes insulin-flavored candy. The book leads to another tiff between the two, and a significant loss in popularity and endorsements for the Swede.

Later, Toki and the band run away after Charles scolds them and they believe he does not care about them anymore.

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However, on his way out, Skwisgaar states that he is impressed as no one has ever pushed him to play so well before. The incident frightens even his bandmates. His bandmates mock his antics and debate whether or not to show genuine concern, which they've agreed in the past never to do.

A rabbit is also seen in Toki's song in Dethdadwhere, after he picks it up, it transforms into his dying father wearing a bunny costume.

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Toki goes on to perform a guitar recital, but cracks under the pressure. Coincidentally, Stella Murderface knocks over a stage prop at that moment, a large crucifix which pins Toki down.

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The other bandmembers dismissed him. When a little girl with a dying wish to meet him writes him a song, he has a flashback to his own childhood and regrets his refusal to see her. Rockzo's band, Zazz Blammymatazz. The Revengencers launch an ambush against Dethklok, during which Magnus literally stabs Toki in the back, taking him hostage.

After Toki's recruitment, Dethklok rose to fame and fortune.

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He found out about Dethklok's audition for a new guitarist and took himself along. During this time, he continues his ties with Magnus despite Dr. In class they are shown gruesome crash scene footage, instilling them with a fear of driving.

Edit When Toki was a teenager, his parents threw him out.