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Levi, Abraham's descendant who had not been born yet, was also credited for paying tithes to Melchisedec, because he was "in" Abraham.

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Otheritems are used to establish this value and then you pay taxes basedon that value. What is an imput device? If, during the sixty-four first years of the present century, therefore, the average money price of corn has fallen somewhat below what it had been during the greater part of the last century, we should, in the same manner, impute this change, not to any fall in the real value of corn, but to some rise in the real value of silver in the European market.

The word, Tu mihi criminis author alluding to his Princes commaund thou art the occasion of dating simulator amvic imputed cowardise.

In the datasets with these imputed values 10 for the anthropometrics data and 8 for the questionnaire datawe then used the same mixed models. You could say that the sentence contains a redundancy. I impute his failure to laziness.


For example, a pizza-delivery company could be liable for a vehicle collision caused by an employee attempting to make a quicker delivery, but not for injuries caused by an employee who stops at a bar and gets into a fight outside scope of employment.

But that she may not impute to us any harshness or want of politeness, let us tell her that there is an ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry; of which there are many proofs, such as the saying of 'the yelping hound howling at her lord,' or of one 'mighty in the vain talk of fools,' and 'the mob of sages circumventing Zeus,' and the 'subtle thinkers who are beggars after all'; and there are innumerable other signs of ancient enmity between them.

In the same way, Christ was sinless and died on the cross on our behalf so that through faith in Him, His righteous acts and sinlessness will also be credited to our account, as if we had always been righteous. How dare you impute such monstrous intentions to me?

This example defines a format that will take a date, and if any component is missing, it will impute a value for display on the report along with an indicator of which component is missing.

B oth words mean the same thing in this context and just one of them would suffice. If the former have not been as much below the general average as the latter have been above it, we ought probably to impute it to the bounty. Redundant writing can take two forms: Of course, if you are Tarzan, you might say, "Me Tarzan.

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In this respect the powers of the foreign representatives in Persia, now numbering ten Great Britain, Russia, France, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Germany, United States of America, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands vary considerably, some having the power of condemning a criminal to death, while others cannot do more than fine and imprison for short periods.

The bombers could fly to staging areas well outside the range of even the longest-legged defenses, and strike with impunity. Testing All Your Skills.

Having a below market rate loan For the most part the later sonnets of celebration of the Friend impute no such extraordinary motives to the Poet.

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Use Thrift in a sentence.? Redundant wording is most often found in descriptive writing. Examples of impute The "Metropolitans" followed the example of many unillustrious predecessors, though it must, in justice, be added, that they would have been shocked to hear anyone impute to them a want of originality in their curious methods.

Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

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And therefore it was imputed unto him for righteousness. A redundancy in a sentence refers to a piece of information that can be eliminated without a loss of information and is, essentially, superfluous.

The value of a car provided by your employer that you may use for personal use. How do you spell impute in a sentence? At no time must he impute unworthy motives to them.

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This is what Paul calls being "in" Christ, the same way that Levi was "in" Abraham. In all these cases, it is necessary to impute - to determine a charge for - the products provided. Imputed object an object imputed by the mind in dependence. Why do you impute selfish motives to her?

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The sentence may or may not be redundant depending on context, but the use of both "just" and "only" is redundant. The individual behavior of game player how can impute to enterprise? This loss is considered as the cost of production and is referred as Imputed cost or Implicit Cost. Yes you can and you should put a comma before "but", and depending the continuation of the sentence you can put a comma after "instead".

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I was worried that Moosa would impute her wackness onto me. The second sentence is somewhat redundant, as we can infer from the first sentence that the light might be on, so there is no need for the second sentence.

It is grossly unfair to impute blame to the United Nations.

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Did he dare to impute such motives to her as he clearly had himself? With respect to the Bible, to impute a highflown metaphorical style to its writers as their ordinary habit is manifestly a delusion.

His room light was on. This is what it means to be justified: According to him, then, attention, even involuntary attention, requires inner will; and all the functions imputed by Hume to association, as well as those imputed to understanding by Kant, require apperception, and therefore inner will.

Those in hell whose sins have been imputed to them must. Clive's narrative, in its dialectic of good and bad guys, however fairhandedly developed, imputes moving spirits to nudge along the story Examples of imputed Imputed by his friends to the clearedness, by his foes to the searedness, of his conscience.

Frank has claimed to have found oats, buckbeans, spurry, turnips, mustard, potatoes and Norway maples exercising it; Nobbe and others have imputed its possession to Elaeagnus.